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  1. Thanks NC soft, you just saved me money! Cancelled my Prestige after having it for 43 months. Been fun now I will save money.
  2. Really Hime, you guys have totally lost your nyerking minds. Whatever data you collected while having cookies and milk seems overly skewed. Maybe you should play the game? See what time it takes to get the items that you have inflated the prices on so much. Then - you and Gideon (and the other thumb sucking GM's) will realize that your prices are similar to the US Government paying $500 for a nyerking hammer or toilet seat. You have really got no sense about this game and should go out in the woods and hug a tree until it falls over, at least you would not be part of ruining this game for
  3. I'm just wondering, the rumor has it that Cyan informed the asmos in Tia about the upcoming removal of the exchange NPC. Did not see that on the elyos side? Is this true or false?
  4. I think they should put a Yes - No - Depends as voting criteria. Mainly because we are in the dark as to what will happen when the event is opened back up. Will they reset every account to what it was prior to the nyerk up? Will they give those that still have the coins the same trade in value? Will they honor the killing of Sunyaka and grant the completed quest and a bonus for the hundreds of players that were not given the ability to roll on the loot? Seems like my answer to the survey would be C. It depends, until I see how they uncluster they nyerk up and pull their heads out of their
  5. I really don't care if it is elyos or asmo alts, they are a bane to the EC instance and are a variable that can sway the success of your gameplay. It is not about the opposing team being better but 75 active players on one side vs 30 active on the other - there is no chance in winning.
  6. Then base rewards on Participation of the Toon for the winning side and no rewards for the losing side. If the toon does not actively participate, they do not share in the rewards. They already have that system in dredge and they have added healing and such as well for monitoring. So if you do log in and go afk, your faction wins, you do not participate - no rewards. Also, if the toon is in the main base for more than a minute or some preset time, autokick and pull in from the quick entry list. I don't really know but they have got to do something. We as the players need to come up with
  7. There are so few ways to get the soul stones for upgrading our pvp gear that ever gale is a must needed instance to win. This however is nearly impossible with people afking all the time. The only thing you are doing is helping the other faction get their gear upgraded faster by forcing us to lose so many times. I would like to see NC Soft take away rewards for the losing faction. What is 20 gp in the big scope of things? Nothing. So don't give loser rewards and maybe those that afk will stop wasting the time of those of us that want to play this game and win.
  8. I really hope that they can do something about the afk issue in Evergale. These people are ruining the experience for people that want to play and participate. They are hoping for a 4k loss but more than likely it is a total loss with nothing gained. Everyone is trying to upgrade for 6.0 and the soulstones are important to those of us that prefer to pvp rather than afk. Please Please allow a kick from this instance or do something that rewards based on participation, not just being in the instance. Add a feature to right click and report someone afk by the vice and captains, then after en
  9. The pack is nice at the beginning but they fizzle out as months progress. The A&B reward boxes have been identical for months now. Developers need to update the contents of the reward boxes to match the game. Soulstones, level reduction, unbinding stones would be way more appreciative than a 30 day pet. I am on month 38 of being a member and for the past year the rewards have pretty much been the same. Starting to see it as a waste of money.
  10. Don't know if anyone else has had this happen, but the world chat and the LFG window have left from my screen. I guess I should be happy since now I don't have to read all the drama and stuff, but the downside is the Recruit Alliance/Group options. Anyone have this happen to them? Know how to get them back?
  11. Please make it sooner than later, some of us have a lot of stuff in cabinets and the studio is a pain to shuffle stuff around. You said late October, that was a fail. Here you said the 1st of Nov, another fail. So the 7th or 14th lets hope it happens. Maybe while they are at it they can fix the lag. Would hate to lose out on a house due to this mysterious lag.
  12. Well here it is, November 4th and still no information from NC soft about the house auction. Maybe this lag has caused that feature to slow until like 2019 October timeframe.
  13. I agree Yuzu, guess NC Soft is avoiding answering to this post. Guess it is just a waiting game now.
  14. Hey NC Soft, only six days left in the month - when are the auctions and bidding going to become available again?
  15. Yes Nyinu it is abused which is why it doesn't work. If it worked, they would be there at all sieges not just when they have saved up for the Barney God Buff. But hey, life is not fair as both Cheese and I have stated except - This is a game. I think Cheese got confused about that. This is a game and not life, and I believe that the only pvp done by cheese is at the edge of a camp, city, arena, or amongst a zerg. So yeah, I can understand the lack of indifference to willingly lose and not participate until we have earned enough loser points to have that stupid buff but unlike Cheese - I pl
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