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  1. Roll back

    roll back to when lv cap was 60 , add 1 pvp map with camps that give ap and medals.. a good map
  2. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    I think the current Aion should take a harder focus on the PvP aspect of the game, that is what makes Aion stand out the most.. They should balance and polish PvP. Less PvE for PvP, but still keep a solid emphasis on PvE/Lore. Being demolished in Aion at any point from 1.0-6.0 has been a pain, but it has only sucked badly when the gear gaps were huge between casual players to hardcore players. There needs to be a defining gap and benefits for the players who put in the work, without having it drive players away from being involved directly with the content, which is PvE/PvP, in an open world PvP map. Newer players should be able to roll out in a group and stand a fighting chance, to where when PvP is instigated we don't see 6 people fighting off 24.. I guess that last statement is the major draw towards gaining that advantage in the first place, maybe its just to hard for some to amass a fighting chance if everyone wasn't there from patch launch. They're either taking away from the vets putting in the time for the gear, but that doesn't always equal PvP skill, and the newer casuals will never be able to hold their own. Where is the balance in a game that boast the best PvP driven combat. My mind wants to say an outstanding PvP game should be skill driven instead of being upheld by a gear grind.
  3. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    The PvP feel is the same for me, I can't find it in any other game.. I'm completely drawn in watching ranger vs templar pvp videos. There is so much that could be done with Aion to make it more enjoyable or atleast less of a headache to think about why things are the way they are, and it is probably a lack of attention on the KR side, which is sad to say because you'd think the West team would be trying to do a good job. Hopefully I'll be able to stick around long enough to grind out a competitive set, before I like many other vets up and leave.. Again, seeing as we all openly discuss the same sentiment when it comes to this game and why we consider it dead.
  4. Gaps inbetween Gear Sets (Power)

    Yes, referring to Ancient, Legendary, Ultimate. Fun game.. Casuals getting wrecked like usual lol.
  5. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    Thank you konkers, if I get back into I'll probably just go for tier 2 GC, then supplement with crafted on some of the less important gear pieces. There are no set effects I'm assuming and mixing GC and crafted can work right? I'm a chanter so I'll probably GC Ultimate weapon and boots. "Good but dead game", seems to always be the describing factor for Aion but still seems to produce fun content, how great if Nc pulled a revamped version of Aion, new optimized engine and a NcWest team with control over the decisions that don't end up scarring the loyal player base away.. I'd play a game like that.
  6. Lets think if every fight was a 1v1 duel. How large are the gaps between: GS Tier 1 , Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 1 crafter PvP Gear? Are maxed Tier 1 GS Nuking Tier 2 GS? Edit. What other factors play a big role and by how much, ex. if Stigmas are maxed, daeva skills, xforms?
  7. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    sucha fantastic game too
  8. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    Woo, been reading PvP forums, looks like a grind. Can't wait lol. Thanks for the info, lets hope my internet will hold up to game! Edit. Considering the state of the game it seems here in the NA compared to KR there is a lot more attention given in KR to the game in regards to events, what goes on the BCM and reward or RNG and allotted items for purchasing or participating in events, why in the west does the community seem to be given a hard time in so many aspects from the whoever is behind the curtain on the NA side, it seems like a lot of players are lost and maybe some of the tact used on the dev team side isn't holding some of player base as well as they could, almost to the avail the developers aren't really backing the idea of a healthy relationship with the community.
  9. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    I was around for 4.0, I'm thinking its the same game with more pvp instances? I'm assuming Ridium are akin to medals? In which case I'd need to farm for the starter set of pvp gear doing dailies and pvp instances, and through those I will gain fighting spirit fragments, ridium and AP that I will then use to enchant my starter tier pvp set tier 3 -> legendary tier 2 -> ultimate tier 1. Is the initial pvp set just a chain of enchanting from tier 3 to tier 1? Or do I need a new set each shot. I find the xforms hideous as well.. Ruins the aesthetic of skins.. lol. I hear 7.0 is coming, if I were to start now would I make either the crafted tier 2 pvp or Genesis Crystal tier 2 before update? Am I doomed to get rolled by furbacks without a moderately geared group?
  10. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    I haven't logged in since the major updates, and it seems I don't know how to access the BCM on the Aion web page without purchasing Coin first, maybe the BCM is all ingame now? The way you put it Cheesecake, don't mind me if I'm wrong here, but all the pvp gear is still medals and AP, and to acquire tier 1(through p2w) I'd need to buy entry scrolls and get with a legion that does daily entries sort of like when we all ran Eternal Bastion endlessly. As far as stigmas and transformations.. Whatever xforms are..? Competitively speaking, the biggest sink p2w will be getting a nice xform.. Then maxing stigmas with BCM? Will having max stigmas and OP xforms make or break pvp 1v1 or zerg?
  11. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    Oh lord crucify me.. I know. Aion just keeps calling me back, I hoped for brighter days and if these methods work, I'd potentially dabble.
  12. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    1. Am advocate against p2w 2. Am hypocrite and want to use p2w 3. Will BCM p2w systems embedded in Aion enable me to be fully geared tier 1 or tier 2 pvp gear, more quickly then without *Edit. The reason I'm asking for indepth questions before I just hop into the game and find out for myself, is my limited throttled internet will take days to download the game if ever.. (No exaggeration) and I'd need to buy a mobile internet box to play, even than it might not be great. I'm hoping the community can help me realize what I'm jumping into before I take the avenues I have to before I get committed again.. You know, its NCSOFT..
  13. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    Hello, as the title says I'm a returning player and a big advocate against p2w. However, considering this is Aion and I wish to be competitive in pvp early on, through the BCM will I be able to obtain a tier 1 or 2 pvp set? If not will someone be able to share with me their experience on the pvp gear grind I can expect? *Extra tidbit. *Love the game, honestly best for pvp action and the world is amazing, always throughout the years has been a big draw to play over and over, considering the success this game has in KR, and the lack of attention the developers give to the wests Dev Team it has the potential always to be fun, and that's important.