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  1. Frozen Monolith instance plays the opening cutscene every. time. you. enter. It should only play once when doing the dark blue quest. Make it go away. Also fix or acknowledge loot pets.
  2. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    I am DN-Elyos I want spawn inside Sanctum so we are safe ty
  3. Try leveling up to 80, a lot of skills were either removed, combined, changed, or pushed to higher level like 73, 77 ect. Also read your skills over again, and check out the patch notes for more info
  4. @Cyan bump, i was going to post this same thing again but
  5. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    This is a start guys, they are trying. Patch notes actually came out the day before the patch. THIS IS A GOOD SIGN (along with other localization attempts overall good job!)

    (( Text and Localization issues thread intensifies )) honestly I wouldn't settle for that ticket reply either. that stat name issue has known for almost 3 weeks now
  7. Sendlogs on SFT

    When I get my crashes in SFT, setting effects to 'None' reduces the issue. This works for people crashing
  8. We knew about this exchange months ago. Knowing full well NCWest would copy paste the same exchange tables even though we didn’t have the free enchanting events that Korea did. Knowing full well the only way to get +30 on the old breakable gear is to cheat. Why get mad at the same punchline twice? We are missing the bigger point that we’re moving on to 6.X now. GET HYPE *Happy panda emote*
  9. Little favor while we wait update to @Cyan

    I'm glad I had the music script from 3.0 already set. I haven't touched that thing in fear that it would break
  10. You gotta fix this NPC selling limit

    I think it resets Wednesday 0:00 am, as soon as the day rolls over. So think of it as Tuesday night?
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 11, 2018

    I mean, we're getting 6.0 soon its gonna be the same deal. I know you're excited to play the new patch but
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 11, 2018

    @Cyan why is it that working competition rankings can never last more than 2 days in this game? The event competition rankings are broken again
  13. Remove Gogorunerk Kisk

    I agree that it could be removed. In the cases you get really stuck the thing doesn't even work. (if you fall below the flying section you get stuck without being able to return)