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  1. Then your +15 boots. They will settle for just taking those
  2. If transformations could be shared across my multiple accounts that would be dreamy. :hearteyes:
  3. AT Gear? o.O

    The public demanded something be done about Aethertechs being OP in PvP. And NCSoft delivered...
  4. Unlimited entry BoS?

    This is a display bug with the group/alliance info window. Purely visual bug. There are no extra entries. Here's a picture of my character 'sanure' with that same bug showing my 'Unlimited' entries from the group/alliance window. I never had unlimited entries but let's be real... if anyone knew how much CoE I actually ran in 5.X I found this pretty funny
  5. March Store Update

    no Kappa but, #FreeTransparentScrolls
  6. Yeah that's right it is a problem with the instance. To fix it, the debuff should disappear when the boss fight ends. It currently doesn't. I'm over analyzing things
  7. Cradle of Eternity Poison debuff can be removed by taking damage from the fire circle left behind from the boss only in the first phase. (or until you die or leave the instance). That is just the boss mechanics. Cursed Opel resetting at half health I've seen happen because of a certain interaction with the boss skills 'Cold Smash' partially resetting aggro on the boss, and 'Hideous Cold' bomb transforming you causing you to partially lose aggro on the boss. Just a boss mechanic to be aware of, don't pass the bomb around too fast before it uses Cold Smash Ive seen it reset when everyone has the Hideous Cold debuff active when it uses Cold Smash. Unpopular opinion, I don't think these two issues are worth noting, just people misunderstanding boss mechanics.
  8. Frozen Monolith instance plays the opening cutscene every. time. you. enter. It should only play once when doing the dark blue quest. Make it go away. Also fix or acknowledge loot pets.
  9. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    I am DN-Elyos I want spawn inside Sanctum so we are safe ty
  10. Try leveling up to 80, a lot of skills were either removed, combined, changed, or pushed to higher level like 73, 77 ect. Also read your skills over again, and check out the patch notes for more info
  11. @Cyan bump, i was going to post this same thing again but
  12. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    This is a start guys, they are trying. Patch notes actually came out the day before the patch. THIS IS A GOOD SIGN (along with other localization attempts overall good job!)

    (( Text and Localization issues thread intensifies )) honestly I wouldn't settle for that ticket reply either. that stat name issue has known for almost 3 weeks now