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  1. The fact that its supposed to be 52%. The chance that you toss a coin(assuming its 50% to land either side) 10x and have it land on one side 10x in a row is literally 0.00097% chance or 1 in 1024 chance. https://www.mathcelebrity.com/cointoss.php?hts=+HTHTHH&hct=10&tct=+o&calc=2&fct=+5&gt=no+more+than&nmnl=+2&htpick=heads&tossct=+3&montect=+500&pl=Calculate+Probability Math and probability is the proof. 52% is far greater than 50%. Also hearing multiple people failing 8+ in a row since the patch hit. I am also 2/12 for success
  2. TFW rainbowsnake is going to be better than tia eye.....................................
  3. not even close to our fault even if we complained? Servers shoulda been taken down after they let us spend our coins on day one and then set to group loot. literally the most obvious fix. NC messed with it so bad now the whole event is ruined.
  4. People forming leagues to mindlessly farm 5x fatty per 6 minutes was not the problem here, sure do that for a week and everyone has 5-10k coins and the prices have to be high. I don't really know of anyone who wanted to farm fattys but we were indirectly forced too. Some how NC messed this up when all they needed to do was swap it to group loot like it was intended.
  5. as someone who has dont 5+ FM a week, Dredge every day, EC quest every day........and is nearly done every part of the new equipment I don't see how 5 coins per soulstone is a bad thing? 1: More people with more gear = more competition = more fun, lets face it aion is not about skill its about gear. 2: You still require AP/Spinels to upgrade the gear. It costs about 20-25 million AP to complete a whole set with at least one weapon and about 1500-2000 spinel medals JUST for the upgrade cost not even the original 75 abyss. 3: More people with more gear = higher demand for
  6. they dont even think about "profit" cause more ppl with new gear = more omega/temp/luna/feli/supplement/ncoin/dice/ect bought off of BCM
  7. Not sure if they understand it takes two and a half hours to get 100 coins even with mindless fattyy league haha.
  8. This is on topic? Group loot would have solved all of this lol.
  9. Only noobs have said that group loot is a bad idea haha swipe ur card and get better
  10. i mean if u cant beat the other group in dps than just GitGud right? idiots...........want everything for free
  11. haha sorry for making omegas cost 1500 each!
  12. Except that we are indirectly forced to do this event if we don't want to pay to gear up seeing as we haven't had a free to play event that was not all RNG or required mass alts in the last 4 months.
  13. its NC soft. Later this week means next Weds
  14. Read the other update, they said the exact same thing and now we are waiting another week if not more.
  15. Best event ruined by league loot and lack of competence. As usual thanks NC. I like how you are bothering to waste time on removing GP from stuff instead of pushing price fixes for the vendor or a loot fix, I mean really how hard is it? It has been 7 days and NC can't push a fix. Don't even say "later in the week" cause we know we wont hear anything until Tuesday.
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