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  1. Totally Agree with this! As buff events, we need 1 kinah retuning back! Its very expensive roll status of ultimate gears! As rewards we can have more options to get Legendary transformations or Gemstones/Runestones too.
  2. The pet Royal Kitter also have a bug, the correct is to sell items for 5% more of kinah, but the amount obtained with the pet is lesser than the sales in the npc's or character store
  3. I was thinking ... if we change the loot to "group" we will have problems with the spots to farm too, because there would be many people (asmo/elyos) in the same place for the same fatties... basically the same thing happens with volatile... a lot of 6 man groups... but not mobs enough to everyone kills.. i guess its very better keep loot league and increase prieces, so this way everyone can enjoy the event.. not only "geared high dps ppl"
  4. I just don't understand why they keep counterattack as evasion chain skill.. if we cant use with a bow this skill could be like retreating slash.. available with a "physical weapon" and no only to "melee weapon"
  5. Oh Got it! So.. for PVE I guess i'm fine for now.. i guess i'm already have the AC myth +10 and clarion/alleph acc's and the provenance bow +12 with an boundless fused with precision +7 and lvl 60 atk/acc composite manastones... i reach Atk: 1310 // Crit 1433 // Acc 4260 // MA1825 But and for pvp? How much its good? I still have the lvl 65 abyss set, and i started to farm the lvl 75 Prime Captan.. but i don't know how much Precision or Power manastones ill need put on it I finally got a decent bow, an Sophisticated + 15 with an prime fused.. i'm thinkin put full +9 precision ma
  6. Hey Guys! I need a little help about ranger stats on 5.6, i've seen a lot of numbers with the new manastones, but i'm lost about how many precision i need... and after how much i can put some power also. In numbers... how much Crit/Attk/Acc/Ma is good enough for an ranger to PVP and PVE? I didint found many videos and tutorials about rangers, so.. any tip can be very helpful p/ Ty
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