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  1. I actually intended this to be a possible RNG reward, such as the omegas and tempering solutions we can get from these instances from the highest grade rewards bundle, not from the chest that requires the key. (only obtainable through S-Rank though unlike Omegas and tempers which can be obtained through A-rank/S-rank)
  2. So I have gone over some forums, trying to see what people think about the Luna window's P2W properties, and I had an idea that would make everything in there far more fair to other players, as well as keeping it P2W for NC. the questions is, to add or not to add 10-20 Luna as an S-Rank exclusive reward (in addition to the other rewards such as omegas/tempering solutions) to the Luna missions. this would allow players to have a "rerun" capability for the Luna missions, or with 10 Luna, needing to be obtained 2 times to rerun the instance. this would allow players to level faster at a
  3. @Cyan Does the above quote of myself hold any merit or possibility to be created or changed within any update such as after 5.8-6.0? (I understand that the skills have been changed before such as when stigmas and racial skills were redistributed to be equal for all players, this would pull a similar effect but rather on new and old players)
  4. I understand point 1, and this does make sense as it is a learn able skill, but doing this would remove the necessity to learn the slide-shot skill in the first place. point 2 I would like to restate as I intended all classes to have this change, including ranged classes, the only skills that would not be changed would be the casting skills, which applies to melee as well. thank you for the feedback
  5. I am not saying to remove literal root skills, but take for example the gladiator's AoEs, and note how they stop the player's movement just to perform the spin, although many players who have played for years taught themselves how to slide-shot, which negates this effect. My suggestion is to remove this effect as it creates an unfair balance between old and new players, both melee and magic. (I also play all classes currently in Aion, above lvl68, so I know what each class can do.) this is what makes sense to me, not removing any actual skill roots (if this is what you are thinking I am saying
  6. @Cyan do you have any opinion or thoughts you could shed onto this matter? "My only desires are to better the playing field between all players, new and old, and to become the best Daeva I can be."
  7. This is a very valid point to be brought up, as yes, all magic classes are different from each other. The fact that CC's are reduced duration during PVP is a very important thing to bring up, but one thing that was not mentioned, is that all of these magic classes have roots and silences, to prevent healing, cleanse by cleric, DoT's to prevent potions from being used, the advantage of long distance, SW and SM have binds which keep melee from being able to attack, even if they are literally standing under you. all of this adds up to the melee classes abilities that allow them to chase, maybe st
  8. This is not true as all casting classes have CC (crowd control) skills . Cleric, Sorcerer, Spirit Master, gunslinger and bard, all have roots and slows. Sorcerer, Gunner and Bard have sleeps, SM has fears, all of which adds to the animation rooting of a melee class, this would balance out PVP due to the magic classes high capabilities of keeping the enemy still while they do their thing. Magic classes are OP enough as it is, its time to give melee back their competitive edge against magic classes.
  9. In short, is it possible to change the skill animations so that they do not root a player's running or jumping ability when using them? This would help new players make slide/jump shots less of a temptation/necessity in PVP and PVE for all players, balancing the PVP system between veterans and those who are new to the game. casting skills should be the only ones that root the player in one spot, as they require concentration (even the stat for concentration is required to cast) (sorry for the double post, there was no edit option)
  10. Many classes throughout Aion are made to counter each other throughout extensive use of skills (both in game and out of game). I am here to suggest something that could change PVP and PVE forever in the Aion world. All classes, whether magic or physical, have their pros and cons. I have devised a small list of skill changes that will allow new players to PVP more fluently, but this will no longer give the old players an advantage in PVP. I currently have one character of every class and recently have discovered that I have found a shortcoming in some of the melee classes. When attacking, some
  11. is the power 300/precision 200 applicable to a gladiator as well?
  12. Adding omega enchantment stones to the BCM would be a good addition to the BCM. It would allow NC workers to make more money and allow players to have more Omegas for better gear enchantment. even making them t a higher price than Tempering solutions would be a good idea since they are in higher demand, but it seems to be easier to get a tempering solution than an omega enchantment stone in game at the moment. Making them untradeable would make it so that flooding the Broker would not happen, but would allow more P2W into the game; making them tradeable would increase the playing field's fair
  13. Hey guys, i really wanna make the most out of my gladiator, so i was wondering what stigs are best for all around pvpve, as well as how much crit do i need before I start socketing attack into my armor? I know the Mythic AC is recommended for if you wanna DPS spec PVE and the arena gear is fairly easy to obtain. any tips on Gladiators would be amazing thanks guys
  14. My ranger has Mythic AC gear and bm acc, they help a lot for pvp dps in full crit spec and i hardly ever miss a shot even without my acc/macc, this gives around 1400crit unbuffed and 1200 attack with active skill (my gear is still only +5 enchant) I recommend this set for dps in pvpve around iluma and norsvold, but not if you want to go hunting the opposite faction, also if you plan on doing end game instances, i recommend socketing some acc/macc if you struggle hitting lvl 73+ mobs hope this helps
  15. Hey guys, I'm new to Archdaeva PVP with my glad and I was wondering if i should really be trying for the arena Parry or Block set with my glad I know that parry isn't as effective as block, but as gladiator we have skills that can heal us whenever we parry an attack also, how much Crit do i socket til with my precision stones? thanks guys for any and all responses
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