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  1. List of Issues for 6.2

    Little. You said something to something, you're always arguing. Wow, you're really dedicated Oooooooh. , you have been arguing with them since the launch, but results you have not brought any yet. For God's sake, the game is going to shit, and these developers are waiting for what? know that after these more players will leave, after all you did not bring anything concrete because it has been a week since the last time you told us something, and guess what you said last week? ARE WE DISCUSSING WITH DEVELOPERS, and today? you said ? in short you did not bring us anything spent a week and you can not say that this or that will be changed. AAh my dear today you got more players to leave the game.
  2. 100% Aion

    I had to log in just to give you an alert, do not come back, it means knowing who you are and able to respond badly but in fact this post here on yours is to show NCsoft how much I'm indicating her game Do not come back, you'll waste your time.
  3. Housing

    Funny to charge absurd amounts do they need to consult Koreia? for shards for an absurd value too? That's just a part of things that I'm sure they do not refer to Koreia, but my dear excuse to answer but the question is not for any player but for Representatives of this company. Let's go, I'll have to recreate the text for him to give the answer
  4. Housing

    Your posting on the forum is currently nothing, so you can see what point we are telling you? you do not have what do you have? you have something ? Can you tell what is going on to be done, what needs to be done? Can you explain why your company does not listen to customers? Do you understand that this type of company only works if it treats the customer well? Tell me, are you guys going to close the game? Can you understand what I'm saying? My English is shit. Can you answer these questions? Why is your company taking so long to solve? if you were a Player going through what we are going through would accept a response like; WE ARE CONVERSATING WITH DEVELOPERS AND I WILL HAVE AN ANSWER IN WEEKS, knowing that we are running the risk of spending the end of the year without the improvements we want? 1 What is preventing your company from doing what needs to be done? How often are these issues brought to the developers? Have you insisted on them or are you just trying to calm us down and keep sitting waiting for the check to arrive? What is stopping you from saving this game. Look, man, I do not know what you are in this company, but try to really help bring something more concrete, in my work if I can not solve a problem I call my boss and if he wants to keep the customers he has to attend.
  5. Housing

    What a pity you are deluding yourself, haha, wait for the news for a while, wait for the 6.5 rates to arrive before 6.5 is released, wait sitting down because I am sure these rates will not change now, maybe they will arrive when 6.5 released, or either when they really have to arrive. If this happens Cyan and no one has done anything, just released the 6.5 that will be released anyway (Of course if there is still someone playing this) NC junk NC has an official New?
  6. Housing

    What about the dates for solutions to problems like enchant rates and lack of stones in the game? What is the date for solution? Since talking will solve you always talk.
  7. AION players. I think it's all or nothing.

    I agree with Topico that we need our items to reach + 15, we also need new ways to get legendary enchant stones, NC does not care what the players want, Cyan comes here and says the same thing always, something about developers and nothing more, always the same, I do not spend anything else with this game, as said above it will Fail of any We'll let Cyan Hime play with the NPCs. Another thing is topics about 7.0 that should not go out so early in NA and people make these Topics stand above what really matters.
  8. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    When will you do this? You're paying to see Only you can, I think that you do not believe that people will stop playing, they will not pay, You say you will do but do not, what are you waiting for?
  9. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Is this news? You said something like this a few weeks ago, man, tell the truth, these ghost developers do not exist. What joke all of this are the current rates at the correct rates? Will you do something for us? Will you rate the rates from 6.5 to 6.2? I very much doubt it what you should do to arrange the 6.2 rates for us because I very much doubt that the Korean rates are these. and even if it is, nyerking and difficult to enchantar and it is difficult to get the stone, bring the orginal game back, where you put the 3x dredg daily? the daily IDL Evergale? the Jelly of DP, do you still have to decide on a case-by-case basis? Are you hoping to fail while you fool people?
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    Brave boy this Cyan, come here post the shit he and his nyerking group creates and run away, This is an unoccupied group trying to make easy money. bum of a bum Ncsoft just wants your money I repeat,

    Answer to other topics are not necessary?
  13. The power of Ereshkigal

    Beautiful I loved your History is well that same very good, I found very funny. Without losing the Focus NCwest s'tem lazy wanting to make easy money without having to work.
  14. ABSURD retune prices

    That's why I say in this company only have lazy sitters trying to make easy money without having to work. That's because I do not want to call them vagabonds in this topic, the others I've come down the Firewood in these assholes.
  15. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    I forgot to put it, you forbade the trade between characters, Kinah and items can not pass between characters of the same account, okay it's part of the change of the aion But absurd rates too? You're retarded. You're his class. You're a waste of aministrators.
  16. We can't fix shit, SORRY

    It will probably be, I do not know why, the retard should simply translate and post, not edit everything. This nyerking 6.2 NA is incomplete.
  17. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    Good, I believe that Cyan will come with that message copied and placed electronic message, and next week he will come with a good event to try to silence us, and good, many will shut up. That's what they did with Tiamaranta's event, they nyerked up the event, started confusing the forum, brought a good event, and everyone shut up, now what? Let's just shut up because it will bring a good Christmas event? Remember the events are gone and the problems will still remain, problems How to solve about the enchant rate, about the ranking, about the things they will remove from the game without reason without explanation about the shit shop that has, about the shards package with absurd price and good explanations of why Aion korea has everything and not here. So let's accept an event as a form of shut up? will we see if you really want change? what's the use of winning 100 enchant stones and not being able to leave your +15 ancient? of what good is to have an event if it is super nerf. events currently only good in names, today's events are no longer as before. NC just wants your money.
  18. NC incopetentes officials are doing the same way they did with Tiamaranta event, everything wrong everything badly organized and pushing guela below players, probably saying or you accept this or will not have anything, and what have we done? Do you know what you probably think? I think that they can do shit that you will forget, just like what happened with Tiamaranta event, ncwest has painted and embroidered and nobody complains, no one of us has taken anything forward, they make mistakes today hit something tomorrow and are forgiven then they know they are wrong but they also know that soon they will be forgiven players have let everything pass has forgiven everything, that is why the game this so, they have been testing our patience since always. we always forgive we never take something forward look at how many topics about the same thing or different things, we could not just do just 1, and ask everything at once to get a single answer on everything. they are wrong but this is also a mess, Proof of this is that Cyan answered a topic and did not answer others. My English sucks, but NCwest is too, so we're fine.
  19. Ncwest team.

    I see that you are not so shameful, I even said that you should appear, to give at least some justification shows that you are really looking at the forun, but to speak the truth your answer is very empty, the last time you said it was in discussion with developers, you brought us an empty week, then brought us bags of shards with absurd values, and a rotten event, and on the other charges you did not bring us anything, so the end of the year, christmas, new year is coming Soon you will come to say that you can not do anything because it is a holiday as said above what you have discussed with developers? Is it really what we ask for? if it is tell us.
  20. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    I have to clap to you in the part that many try to defend NC even when it is not possible, another part is that if the person can not join the group to support the cause then was quiet We need to pry them for an answer, we do not need simple players answering our questions. or NC changes or the game goes bankrupt. I hope most will support the cause.
  21. Ncwest team.

    It will only appear next Wednesday, to say that they will check, and the next Wednesday he turns saying that it is holiday week and finally in January he will bring other empty answers and shit events This is not that I'm trying to guess anything. but that's what always happens. Cyan only responds when he wants, developers are guilty but he is too, he could very well come to give a simple justification just for shows that are looking at all this.
  22. Nc Will Kill Aion

    Ah, what is it now? I agree, I copied it, I liked it, I agree with Aly. I'm ready for work, but I do not have the patience but I consider myself funny Okay, I'll just follow up.
  23. Nc Will Kill Aion

    This post was interesting. we should join in a posting of criticism of management rather than criticism of one another, so let's find someone influential who really speaks for us who really is on the side of the players to be able to ask questions in order to be able to make texts, because if it is to quarrel about everything that someone puts the CYAN official half-mouth can find in the right not to answer, since he may think that if we do not agree among us because he should answer something for us. My English is horrible, but I do not care the same as NCshit, I'm very angry at all this.
  24. Nc Will Kill Aion

    I liked it, I'm going to copy and paste, do your part, stop trying to answer, stop criticizing, who needs to respond is not you but some lazy official kk