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  1. The transformation system is terrible

    Thanks for the heads up. I don't play PvP yet cuz I'm at a low lvl & still learning to gain the experience to be proficient in PvP.
  2. The transformation system is terrible

    Azphelumbra Daevas do what I do 'bout the creepy transformations, don't use them! Sacrifice the use of them by relying on your other HP & MP buffs, and continuing enjoying the game without them! Keep on keep'n on.
  3. Azphelmbra Daevas do what I do 'bout the creepy transformations, don't use them! Sacrifice the use of them by relying on your other HP & MP buffs, and continuing enjoying the game without them! Keep on keep'n on.
  4. The Bandage skill

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. The Bandage skill

    Not the Bandage Heald skill. It states "Use this bandage heal skill on yourself." In battle, do I tap the selected bandage heal skill hotkey consecutively with the Bandage skill hotkey?
  6. @Arxaggelos-KT> In your "MOST important: Transformation Contracts" discussion what does the acronym "BCM" signify?
  7. This is getting worse.

    How 'bout reinstalling the game, if that doesn't work contact support. Keep on keep'n on.
  8. User-defined Chain Skill tab

    I figured it out. The user-defined chain skill set recognizes the 1st (origin) skill of the chain as a set followed by unchained skills to be completed.
  9. User-defined Chain Skill tab

    In Skills [K] how do we register a custom skill set when the skill boxes don't accept grayed-out skills as shown in the quickbar?
  10. User-defined Chain Skill tab

    Thanks, understood. Respectfully how do you explain that my greyed out skills become active when a target is acquired?
  11. Quick question about 6.2

    Yeah, what about ancient coins, what are they used for and what's the benefit?
  12. What is DP?

    Thank you.
  13. What is DP?

    What is "DP" an acronym for as shown in the list of attributes next to the players' avatar in-game, I don't see it designated in Skills [K]?
  14. User-defined Chain Skill tab

    I don't understand, my selected learned skills are shown in my quickbar, how do I unlearn them and why?
  15. "Gallery of relevant avatars"

    Hime wrote that as an upcoming feature in his August 8, 2017 OP thread "Welcome to the new Aion Forums", and here we are 14 months later still waiting. Respectfully, when can we anticipate to download our own particular avatars in addition to the prospective Gallery?
  16. My Friends List.

    The issue is resolved. I was informed by Kubei that the Friends' list acceptance/non-acceptance is generated by whether the recipient is either Elyos or Asmo!
  17. My Friends List.

    When adding a valid character why do I consistently get an error message that reads "That character does not exist" especially when they are active in Forum posting, and we're in the same server KT? It doesn't happen with all character names added, however. What am I missing?
  18. "Gallery of relevant avatars"

    Your post is well taken given the consensus of the previous comments of the futility of change. I do have just one question for you: Who should just tell which people on BnS to commit to the suggestion of accepting personal avatars on the forums?
  19. Manastones

    Will do, thanks much. The game is great! Keep on keep'n on.
  20. Manastones

    I'm a lvl 14 Daeva and in possession of 6 manastones in my inventory of various enchantments and yet cannot use them on any of my equipment! I also have a [Stamp] Enchanting Supplement (Fabled) to use with each manastone which is unusable. Is it level related, what am I missing?
  21. Manastones

    Thanks for the heads-up. Is all this info codified, will you direct me to a manual?
  22. The World Transparent Map

    OOPs, never mind, I went to the help guide under Viewing Map and read "To view the map while moving press the <N> key to activate the transparent map." I read it before but didn't extrapolate the meaning that it would also deactivate it. Silly me.
  23. The World Transparent Map

    After bringing up the Word map while in-game on a quest, I switched from Full to Small transparent map as shown along the right side of the World map. After exiting, every time I click to open the World map [M] thereafter, the Small transparent map stays and remains in the game interface! How do I prevent the Small transparent map from remaining in the interface after I close the World map?
  24. The World Transparent Map

    WoW, just that simple. Thanks for the heads-up, where can I find that info in the Help guide.
  25. Moving around.

    Thanks for the heads-up guys! I'll close my Support claim immediately.