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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    I can't believe you guys haven't stressed this enough. Skins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! For the sake of the game! Add more skins to the BCM AND Luna skin rotation craft (or any other possible methods). Don't you want to make profit while making your players happy all at once?
  2. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Any insights on the Noble Tac skins set? Under the guide, they are listed as rewards from a quest called "All aboard!", but no where to be found. I have seen a level 78 Vandal walking around in full Noble TAC set. Whispered but no answer back.
  3. recommendations for new game to play ?

    You might wanna take a look into A:IR (Ascent Infinite Realm). One of the most promising MMOs out there. Currently being in Beta state in Thailand. I've been keeping my eyes on it for a while now. No wings, but mounts can fly (free flying) hence the air combats system. You get to be in battle ships and stuff as well. Despite having been made with Unreal Engine 3, the game looks absolutely bomb (with steampunk style). The housing system and character customization looks quite similar to Black Dessert (which is a good thing!) Check it out.
  4. Aion: Ereshkigal's Wrath Known Issues - April 3

    Right! I remember vividly seeing it on the sneak peak BCM items from late March to early April, but the info on hair changing ticket disappeared upon 6.5 update.
  5. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Could you tell me how to do that? Level all them alts up to 80?
  6. Aion KR 7.0 free stuff

    What pisses me off is that NA doesn't give any permanent mount to new players. As there is no way to get permanent mounts in game aside from spending $ and/or buying it off of broker (which costs ridiculous), it makes it so much harder for new players to get by. Sure, they give us a 30-day mount, but how could new players make that much kinah to buy a permanent one after 1 month?
  7. Post your Aion character!

  8. Aion 2

    Is there any confirmation for it not to be a mobile game? I know @Pyxy-KT has posted it, but it would be nice to hear from a Korean who has done some research.