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  1. You have got to be kidding me NCsoft.... like how numb are you to reading and understanding your player base? 5 bucks for 1 ancient pvp stone.... what in the actual F? This is just wow..... please go to Korea, do what they do and make the prices fair and stop trying to cheat your player base ( well, the people you have left I mean). I am so glad i put this game on hold and it really will never get better. Freakin have a managment team who has zero clue.
  2. Probably the second path to bard. shitty or not, it means the game is still moving forward and that is a good sign.
  3. So let me start off by saying I got trade in gear and am to attempting to get the gear purified. That being said, getting enchantment stones is 500x easier these days then getting oemgas (minus omegas on the broker) and people who complain that they don't get it in one shot is pretty laughable. Getting the best gear is supposed to be hard. So get to 13 or so then try two purple stones later. Take a few days to break, that's what I had to do. i got to 13 then two days later tried two purple stones and got it t+15. The rates need to change for sure but They gamble on the fact that yo
  4. Yeah, the server is for NAI mean.... can you really be mad about that? Not being a jerk either but its sorta comes with the server location. Sorry
  5. We all do, its not fun but they are aware. Take a break, come back in 6.5 who knows or take a break for good if you need to like don't let a game guide your happiness.
  6. You really need to relax..... Cyan is our voice she does not fix things. Saying you will kill someone over a video game whether a joke or not you should probably get banned or take a step back from the game. She has already stated in other posts she is doing what she can and they are working on ideas. Doesn't happen overnight so calm you're a** down and relax.
  7. Again, get into a guild or farm mats imo. Its not hard to get into the better gear. And believe me, this gear helps out yes but the end game gear is 100% better in terms of being able to roll stats and really hone in your stats to make you the best. IF you want help doing camps, ask for it. If I am on your server myself and other would be more then happy to help out. You need stones? Go to siege, even rushing dredge to kill a few captains will get you stones. You don't have to win to get mats and obviously it helps if you win but the game can still be done on a casual platform. Al
  8. My two cents, the rates aren't great but I will take getting stones over the gear blowing up. Stones will come, you actually have to play the game you know? And I don't mean to be a nyerk but Aion has geared this so you have to freakin actually play..... Is that really a bad thing? You can't make certain things for work? So can't some and some can. Same as life, not everything is fair and you can 100% choose to walk away if you are sad you can't get the best gear in the first 3 weeks of the game being open. As far as trade in gear, how dare they reward people who you know... have
  9. @Cyan Can you please provide some insight as to where these come from? I have asked around and even the Legion who holds the fort doesnt get them in the red box they get. Do these even exist currently in the game? Minus from trade in?
  11. It just has all the telling signs. No more events while EU and KR are both doing events. Lowest population out of the servers is NA. I mean..... If they can retain people no point in keeping the game alive. I agree with the limiting factor but EU is alive and well. They are pissed, but they are alive.
  12. No more events mean the game is dying... People need to accept that. It seems NC is probably trying to get its last money in NA since it doesn't do as well as KR or EU.
  13. While everyone is QQ about the patch..... when will we get our November preview @Cyan ? Thanks!!!
  14. The late-night fights have been pretty amazing all. Keep it up on both sides!!
  15. Hello, Just seeing if there are any set times that groups like to run this? I see it at random but wanted to know anything static. Thanks!!
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