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  1. Hello All!! Title pretty much sums it up. Im looking for an FM group to run with around 8 PST and after. I have a full harvester set , +15 weapons, +3 all grey wolf acc, lvl 75 Asmo SIN DN Shoot me a message here or in-game if you want to chat. I have done the instance to 15% so I know how the fight goes. Thank you!!
  2. Woot!! Great news, QQ, will this x3 xp stack with amulet or no? Just wondering if I should waste time farming them.
  3. PvP Spellbook (AS vs PvP%)

    Where do you get the top one?
  4. New Maps

    So, with the server mergers are we possibly getting new maps? Thats going to be a lot of people roaming. Another zone to help break up PvP and spice things up would be nice. Specially after the ones we lost.
  5. Fissure of Oblivion Guides

    I agree @Cheesecake-IS seems like a smart move.
  6. Fissure of Oblivion Guides

    Question, Do you think luna daily/weekly gives more XP instead of FoO?
  7. now im worried about the state of the game

    Criticize all you want. If you put off new players you won't have a game you love to play anymore and it will be even worse. You have to keep a balancing act with getting your voice heard and making sure new people are coming in. I'm not sugar coating anything.
  8. now im worried about the state of the game

    The hacker stuff I get. I mean the game is dying stuff. People who keep saying that will be the downfall of the game. New players will never want to join where the community is so negative. I came back recently and I was enjoying this so much but you get on here and its like dead this dead that. People just need to stop paying for anything in game then when they aren't satisfied. The voice should be game is being hacked/ broken not dead.
  9. Sorc Gear Questions

    Thank you all for the heads up this really helped.
  10. Real Life Picture Thread

    I love the right even more I think lol. Nice!!!
  11. Real Life Picture Thread

    http://imgur.com/z3MRzJl Found this one... not showing off but will post more later.
  12. Welcome wagon - introductions!

    Hello All!!! Khyri here from TM A - I play Sorc as main but many alts that I love to get into. Been playing since beta and quit before 2.0. Just came back and I am loving the heck out of the new aion. I know some aren't but I'm having a blast!!!!!!!! Looking to make a few friends as it seems TM is a little dead when I play - 9 PM PST most nights. Hope to see more people after the server merg!!
  13. Real Life Picture Thread

    OH yes!!! When I get my personal phone im jumping on this thread for sure.
  14. Extend the current 100% till next weekend !

    @Magikarp-TM I agree!!!