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  1. i agree with you there reward is important it keeps the player base strong and keeps you coming back for more
  2. i go to siege most of the time divine and other forts dont give me credit if i die while dux is spawned what are you ncsoft guys smoking at that table that make you take the fun out of siege so much you already took the fun out of the game with the pay to win now siege too? are you serious? if i waste my half hour or an hour at aoa scales or gelkmaros forts i expect a reward for hitting something gates guard i dont care siege is siege players play to be rewarded. but you guys seem to not know nothing about rewarding your player base therefore we are gonna have to make you reward us by not pla
  3. so you really are not going to give us pvp stones for ID or stigma stuff for KB why are all these dungeons giving battlefield coins and not the old rewards we used to get why change the rewards im so about to drop this game now cuz its not rewarding anymore
  4. this game needs a pvp event inggison gelkmaros pvp is boring nobody does it no quest to complete in those zones to give us solid rewards the prestige should be updated to where we have to pvp in balaurea instead of lakrum. In my Honest Opinion im sick of this pve events theres no solid pvp in the game since this patch hit and since they changed it to where we have to use a hourglass to go pvp i think the game needs a pvp event on server i think players should be rewarded depending how much they pvp during the time of the event and yes i think there should be quest involved comment if y
  5. no new siege times this already lost my attention
  6. so you @Kibbelz got any plans on fixing that 8 hour bug this week or no eta on that either?
  7. @Himeso you guys gonna fix the 8 hour character login bug right? this wednesday?
  8. when are you honestly seriously going to fix the 8 hour bug at character login?
  9. i think it be nice if you dont compare the two to be honest we dont know where this is going yet and comparing is a bit rude at this point.
  10. i think the problem is they are catering to the pacific mountain timers and not the east coasters or maybe they trying to nail the game in is already dead coffin Aion R.I.P. 2009 to 2020 faith and arms. GG
  11. the siege schedule is bs they should just make siege 2 hours earlier and give us altars right after siege so we can do the stupid event schedule after im on the east coast as well so i wont be doing near siege because of this you need to do a survey again like you did in times past to get the community to vote on a good siege time of night or day when everybodys home and free and maybe bring back east coast server where siege is on a different clock then it is on katalam or something
  12. you guys could at least fixed the 8 hour pin issue this maintence lol i mean come on its been happening since this patch hit
  13. well if i remember correctly argon is the npc players would turn in medals to after they finished the gp season in lakrum but this npc i believe is not spawned in inggison or gelkmaros yet and thats why t hey are putting them back in the game around the new areas or should i say recycled areas with harder hitting mobs these days
  14. The Housing Scripts seem to be a bit broken theres no print button to paste the scripts you find online for music seems a bit like this patch broke alot more then then we all realize
  15. i format my pc log in and lag hrmm wonder whos not doing something right cuz it sure aint me
  16. and whos idea was it to make it require ultimate blood marks to attend pradeth or silona or any of the katalam sieges i mean back in the day the only requirement for siege was to participate now i couldnt go to do danaria siege yesterday thanks to how i dont have enough ultimate blood marks to attend siege so i missed out on more gp this game is really going or gone down hill further then i can keep caring or chasing to play for somebody who has prestige and should be important in the game why should i have to farm stupid blood marks to go to danaria siege thats absurd if you dont change th
  17. ran 6 bos use luna for one no drop i think the drop rate is pitiful but when i run fm i got lucky but i notice its always a class roll that im not currently playing
  18. to be honest if you all are unhappy you dont have to spend any money on the game start a petition let your voice be heard. i stopped paying for prestige recently simply because not only is it not worth it i play the game casually now due to the fact im not having the same kind of fun i used to have. they absolutely don't care even songs have said they dont care about us
  19. for the free to play https://media.giphy.com/media/s9KOWBwZ6Xbe8/giphy.gif
  20. you aint missing nothing if i were you and werent logging in right now i wouldnt come back right now its not the time they arent doing gp resets properly so for those who want to gain rank you have to stop sieging to lose rank right now which is kinda dumb cuz i used to enjoy siege thats why i log in less til my rank decreases a good bit oh by the way forget to say the drop rate is horrid what is there for you to come back to if you got ultimate pve gear its still good aint nothing so new that its any better me on the other hand been running alot of idd and i cant seem to get my pants to d
  21. @Lad-DN hi Dadd thats the same question i had to be honest. WTB GP RESET Scrolls!!!!
  22. they didnt reset the gp i log in and wasnt rank 1 thats the problem its been 2 months no full reset since this patch hit nobodys been reset its like they want to make the game less fair for the people who want to rank up cuz i dont want rank anymore lol but yet they keep me with it so i wont be sieging a few days because of this
  23. no full gp reset lol hrmm what are you guys smoking at the ncsoft desk?
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