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  1. i was a lvl 30 assassin twink... came back recently {a week before 6.2) and first thing i did was use up the AP i had on my SM (was a high rank) to buy up all 40e gear for the sin since lvling from 34-40 would be a breeze... only to then find out 6.2 coming and everything i had would be obsolete and low lvl rifts removed.. so now im looking at my 40 sin, there with nothing to do... and all the wasted AP to get the full 40e gear thats useless now...
  2. I agre it should have been pay to see that cartoon shit.... i got a cool ghost rider looking skin from some pouch i open but evveytime i use a xform potion im pissed... make the potions ..just potions without the visuals but pay to see if u want .. would make more sense I dont mind transform scrolls work as it does now since there is a pay to own scrolls option and its has the benefit of being account based so that they only trade off
  3. only way not to be stressed is to just go play on the new server and start fresh... cause there is nothing that we can do to support alts every nyerking thing cant be put in account warehouse... so why would people want to make alts ... IMHO it would hav been better they gave us an ultimatum to delete alts transfer everything to 1 main character and then have people pay to open character slots... that way we wouldnt have this stupid burden... People want to play alts.. try out all classes so why force us to have to do everything over to fund the alts? i came back to play wit
  4. So what is suppose to happen to people that wana rift and PVP with their decked out 30/40/50-55ap gear?
  5. What happened to the Register event that was there when u load up the main site? I registered for it a while back, and sorta forgot about it lol... when did it end? was I suppose to come back and do something to get the items ? Just now remember about it and wanted someone thats returning to know about it but now i dont see it
  6. i see a vid on youtube say it would be best to not try to lvl it up now wait till 6.2 since i need to preserve as much kinah as possible ... so where do i go to sign up for this new craft now? so ill sell all mats i have then, i use to hoard so many OMG being expert lvl in all craft lol...... and keep all the thing from essence tap LOTS .... what about flux i keep those or make gold ... i have lots LOL... what about Fluxes got lots of those too Now I do have lots manastones and lots refine stones do i keep for upgrade in 6.2 or sell now and reap kinah? Did Godstones get tr
  7. how can i send u more love lololololol ... thnx for this info..... now how do i go about extracting AP from old lvl 55 gear to use on my new shiny pvp char since i cant trade via acount warehouse, wierd we use to can do that.... and how about courier pass how do i get those to mail other things i cant put in the warehouse that are tradeable....
  8. Thats what im kinda willing to do now that i see how we get these super ass gear from the get go, but like my Main chanter and Secondary Main SM have like really good AP/pvp rank , title etc etc .... i guess those are really weak today I guess since Im not really going to invest heaps in this game, and im mostly playing with a newbie to MMO (my niece lol that wanted to play since i play mmo's) i would more than likly be on a new toon anyways... so you right makes sense in this case to stay on new learn the new shet etc.... Ill do the smart thing and not sell what each character has (i
  9. got in game got to sanctum.... whats all the purple quest for and holy shiz +10 gold gear right off the bat.... up to what lvl will these last.... the old skill tree was so much easier lol now i just have a bunch of skills everywhere i sometimes loose track of lol... was getting rid of the skill tree a good or bad thing?
  10. Ok so i tried t o enter the game and it said recommended server is KT... but i want to play on DN (luckily i know 2 people on that server) any reason why when i click cancel on recomended server then try to select DN i cant and shortly after game closes
  11. yes yes that one... thanks for the warm welcome... i am setting it up at the moment to look around... cant wait for new Chanter next week..
  12. i hope getting money ingame aint a chore this time around
  13. no not that... the one u gotta eat a certain item to use it and has a huge cool down... not mantra a buff...
  14. lol as i thought .... so no crafting then... so how do u make potions same aetherforging? so the nyerks found a way to make gold bars out of gold ores and stop using kinah huh... interesting... i hope its 1 for 1 cause.... you know if i rememebr correct i had a good lots of it b4 quiting and wasnt moved away with friends and league mates so didnt have anyone to give away to lol... i click on the stuff on main page to get those contract n scrolls the heck are they for? i had pills tha could transform me into a tree
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