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  1. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    Prestige cancelled. RIP.
  2. An Open Letter to NC West

    You might want to check your facts before you spew your drivel. I have done little farming in the eye during this event, other than pvp farming of elyos who are spending their time killing mobs. I don't farm keys so you can forget me ksing mobs, and have sufficient omegas for my needs so have no plans to turn what few coins in that I do have for omegas. The little farming I have done will be to upgrade pvp gear. Rather than assuming and spewing bullshit, get your shit straight before you respond to me with the reasons why I like the event.
  3. An Open Letter to NC West

    We, the people of this community, do cordially and respectfully request to be heard. We, the people of this community, do welcome the opportunity to engage on a real level to find common ground. We, the people of this community, expect little from this plea and yet we make it anyway. Do not kill our community with a stubbornness to engage us from a business sense that you fear will lose you money. The solution to the current crisis is simple. Listen to us. Hear us. Deliver to us the solution we have handed you. Something this small will have long term benefits to the business of NC West. Cost-benefit analysis of ignoring your customer will only lead to wreck and ruin, and ultimately the loss of the community that we have held together for you well beyond the lack of care you have shown to us in return. The bottom line here, Mr/Mrs CEO of NC West: Back us and we will continue to back you. Give us back the NPC in the Eye for the Tia event with the prices as they were originally designed by the developers. Allow the player base to do as was intended by the developers in the first place. In turn, we will continue to back you and engage in your events, including those led by the BCM. Engage us. Talk to us. Ignoring us only exacerbates the problem and increases the bitterness and pissiness many are feeling. If it works better, select a small number of ambassadors - current players who are in touch with the player base - and on matters such as this in the future they will be the ones to carry our voice to you, and return in kind. Most that I know of would do this with no reward, just to be involved. When all is said and done, you built the platform, but we created the community. Over the years it has dwindled, surged, waned, and returned to life again through various mechanisms. The return of the eye was one such mechanism, but the numbers of returning players that are jack-knifing and high tailing it back out of the game is creating a vacuum that is sucking more of the current player base out. Soon, the community we built on your platform will cease to exist. We, the people of this community, implore you: hear us. Thank you.
  4. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    So many people returned to the game because the Eye was making a return - one of the all time favourite maps of many of the old player base. The PVP activity in there alone has been a return to old days and good old fashioned Asmo vs Elyos rivalry. So many people will likely now leave the game because of this screw up. Why is there any need to change the prices at all? Wasn't the event working as intended? On the Australian timezone, this event was providing a vehicle for gear upgrading over the course of a month without a horrendous grinding farm. Sure, those that want to farm for omegas, tempers and manastones, have at it. But those of us who are interested in upgrading gear only? You just made it impossible without going through the hard grind others are opting for. Spend my time killing fat mobs for 3 coins for hours on end, or spend my time in the game pvping? I know which one I would, and do, prefer, thanks and it's not the farming. It is amazing how you guys constantly screw the player base with your own inane lack of understanding of how we think. The lack of insight into what we might actually do with this event has caused little more than a bullshit reactive response that should have been pre-empted if due diligence on events were adequately covered in the first place. Maybe if you actually engaged with your community, instead of riding roughshod over them all the time, you could avoid the negative PR from base reactions that come from a lack of insight on something that is working as the developers intended the event to work in the first place. You sell tempering solutions and omegas through BCM periodically, yet you worry how people choosing to spend their time farming coins to purchase these same items from an NPC will break the economy? Give me a break. What you worry about is people will farm so many that they won't need to buy from the BCM anymore. There's the real crisis that drove this. Kerri is correct - you just lost future NCOIN income from me over this pricing decision.