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  1. Hearthblooms

    Yeah, that's what I've been doing Aly. But it was less about petals and more about trying to better my gameplay anyway I can. I only have one legion member/friend so I thought that hearthblooms were the better bet for my studio. But with no blooms, I'll just focus on other areas of gameplay
  2. Hearthblooms

    Here's a question, now that I'm thinking. Do the blooms drop from monsters or come as rewards for certain quests?
  3. Hearthblooms

    Well that sucks, but thank you all for the help! I hope they bring the blooms back sooner rather than later!
  4. Hearthblooms

    I'm an Asmodian, but I went ahead and checked outside the apartments but couldn't find anything. Is it different for Pernon?
  5. I have another issue for you dev's. In pernon, Tairinerk is supposed to sell mounts, but after clicking on him to start dialogue, there's no option to enter the shop window.
  6. Hearthblooms

    This probably sounds like a newbie question, but I'm a newbie so forgive my naivetè on the subject. Where do I get hearthblooms and guestblooms? A quest, merchant, or what? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  7. Broker app!

    I know that there's "an app for everything", but there's alot of blindspits there. I know the devs have alot on their hands with the game, but I think they should release a mobile app where we can access the broker system through our account. Obviously with the inability to buy, sell, or collect our profits from sold items, but that's not the point. After all, wouldn't be nice to just check up on the items you're selling or checking whether or not there's a good deal worth logging in for? And all from your phone on the go too?! Now, if you could buy/sell/collect via this app, that'd be pretty rad! But wouldn't the ability to just check the broker/house auction system from your phone be the coolest?! Also, why not an app where we can care for our pets on the go? I understand if that one's outta the question, but haven't you ever wanted to snuggle your favorite little dorion or cute little ribbit without the hassle of logging in? Or maybe even to just show off your favorite little helpers to your friends!
  8. Awakened Legacy

    Yeah, but I don't think we have to worry 'vout them removing any more lands... only a few left. That is, unless they do some twisted SAO $hit...
  9. Rewards where art thou??

    Before the Awakened Legacy update, I got on the Aion official website and registered my account for a special reward that I would recieve on one condition: On the night of the update, I would have to log in before midnight. I did, and did not recieve the reward. It was an exclusive costume (I believe it was called the Party Night Costume), three transformatiom scrolls, and one thing I cannot remember. I recall the time limit to redeem this was not until early next month, but I should have already seen something and got them. I checked my inventory, warehouses, pet inventory, mail, and even BCM and gold sands. Yet I can't find these rewards. I KNOW I registered for it, I checked all my possible inventories on all characters, and I saw this on the official site so I know it wasn't a scam. Soooo, I'm stumped! I'm sure I'm not the only one who registered, can someone tell me what I'm missing here?
  10. Awakened Legacy

    Thank you for understanding. I'm sorry if I sound selfish or childish here, I just am frustrated that they removed so much of the game. I searched for a game that was immersive, fun, and set up in a way that I could feel like I was really in the world. I found that in Aion and fell in love on the spot. I guess I'm just angry that they removed so much that it made it feel less real. I know its just a game and I shouldn't be this upset. I just couldn't see a reason to take out so much just for an end game rush. And the only reason I stayed up so late for it was because there was supposed to be a reward including an exclusive costume and 3 transformation scrolls that I would get if I logged in before midnight. I guess I should just suck it up and hope they build some new countries and stuff later on...
  11. Awakened Legacy

    I'm a brand new player, I didn't know this game existed till around a month ago. Aside from that, this is the first mmo I played since I was nine, so as far as news channels and stuff for these games goes, I don't know how to use them. I visit the official site to try to stay up to date but I dislike player provided info because many people like to lie, exaggerate, and such. Besides, I'm not asking for pity, I am complaining about this because, whether I found out now, 6 months ago, or a hundred years ago this update took out half the d@mn map and more than its fair share of functions. Above all else, I simply don't understand why they took all of this out. Skills gone, professions taken out, and only a third of the abyss remains. One new country in Balaurea doesn't amount to all of this. Any game I've ever played has been updated so there can be more added in and buggy functions fixed, not half the game ripped out.
  12. Awakened Legacy

    So, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but does anyone else feel a$$r@ped over the new update? I signed in upon release... at 11:35 p.m. no less. So with 3 extra hours to give us the update I find that there is much wrong with it. First thing I notice is several countries missing from each of the factions, now leaving us with a starting country, a housing district, a capital, one more country to PvE in, and Balaurea. Next, I notice my quickbar. I am a Technist, Gunslinger, Cannoneer(backing pistols). Now I realize this isn't very smart of me due to the terrible basic attack of aethercannons and few skills provided for them, but I seem to manage pretty d@mn well so I keep at it. Then, upon noticing my quickbar, I see some skills revoked, one new one, and all of them downgraded. Same downgrading for my pistol skills. I understand the downgrading because of the new level cap, but why revoking my skills? Then I think to myself, 'Oh well, I just got into the abyss, I'll just spend all my time there!', and then I remember the cinematic, then after double checking I realize that I can't enter the abyss and Reschanta is gone. Then I decided to investigate this so far terrible update. Professions are gone, many rewards systems gone, campaign and storyline changed dramatically(difficult for someone to understand midgame, made a new character just to get the d@mn storyline), half of Pandaemonium gone, a new merchantile system (gold sands merchants) that sucks @$$. If you ask me, we should just revert the whole thing. They said it was to rush us to endgame, but there must be better ways of doing it than DESTROYING HALF THE D@MN WORLD!!!
  13. Mentoring

    Thank you, as disappointing as this is, at least I won't be wandering around like an idiot for the next three days!
  14. Mentoring

    So, newbie here! I have a friend that just started playing and his level is a lot lower than mine, sadly this means there's not much we can do together... :'(. Then I found something about 'mentoring', a system that allows a high level player play with a low level player :D! So I looked up more about it, and from what I read, I, the mentor, would not get any xp or loot. But, I could play with my friend and help him reach a level where we can play together so I don't mind. Then I saw something about a group I could join that would reward me for mentoring him! The Priory, or at my level, The Circle would give me rewards for an otherwise unrewarding task. However, I can't seem to find a registration agent anywhere, I looked in both the Marchutan places accessible from the teleporter in Pandemonium, I checked every major city I have access to, but I just can't seem to find a registration agent! Can someone please help me locate one? Or were they removed? Any reply is greatly appreciated! P.S. If it helps any, I am a level 44 Asmodian and regularly visit Altgard, Morheim, Beluslan, and Pandemonium so these are the places I checked.
  15. Fledgling Daeva Gear

    Thank you for the reply! But, the thing is, I didn't acquire any new gear or equip it, and fledgling daeva gear was not in my inventory. So that was the 'evidence' that formed my initial opinion of gear self-leveling. I'm not sure how I got ahold of this new gear, It was just there and equipped when I logged in. Not only that, but it was on all three of my characters, the other two I haven't used in weeks! If you have any theories on how this happened, I would love to hear it!