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  1. @Cyan, I don't wanna be that guy, but is anything gonna happen for players that spent money on transformation contracts while "transformations added during the Ereshkigal's Wrath update were not able to be acquired via transformation synthesis" was apparently happening? Asking for a friend....
  2. if you stop deleting them and kill other players until at least the top one completes, it seems to stop the freezes
  3. Rip Gunners... we were a dead class already, but this is the last nail in the coffin :c
  4. Understandable that this is compounded by flight. Melee classes have it worse. Its just getting even more frustrating that Gunner's main damage Deavonian skill gets bamboozled by a few few meters up or down....
  5. So this is really a problem for us lonely Gunners, though I imagine it causes other classes problems as well... as per the attached GIF, there is no reason my Suppressive Fire should have not hit this person, but because I was a few paltry meters underneath, it didn't... didn't matter to the Elyos that eventually died, but it matters to me....
  6. Or, you can be me and get a legendary from a regular contract... https://gyazo.com/42a8e114b71f9f2d73f50a7e4679e221
  7. THAT.... Ladies and Gentlemen.... is what a siege should look like... It came down to the last minutes of the siege, could have gone either way, everyone fighting for their life... GG to both Asmos and Elyos... Asmo should have transformed earlier tho.... Aioroz... learn from your mistakes.
  8. This has got to be the most ignorant and stupid post I've seen someone make in a long time. This has got to be a troll, because I refuse to believe someone is this entitled to think a new player is 'crying' just for asking if they can have the opportunity to get the same titles that older players have. Please do the rest of this community a favor and never speak again....
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