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  1. Title pretty much. Specifically, I'm wondering if there is a place to buy the shirts they were handing out in the 6.x preview Twitch stream. I can't seem to find an official Aion merch shop. Any suggestions?
  2. @Cyan I really, really think y'all should reconsider allowing Kinah to be stored in the account warehouse. I can - possibly - understand preventing it from being traded between players as a way to stop RWT, but I don't think making it harder to transfer money between your own characters does anything at all to prevent RWT. It simply makes it very difficult and tedious to have alts and deincentivizes exploring all the great classes the game has to offer.
  3. Oooooo good to know! Thanks so much. When does it appear? When I enter the instance? Or when I'm close to it? Mostly just wondering if it's possible to miss him if it spawns.
  4. Pretty much the title. I really want my new skill books, but I did 7 CoEs and 1 FM and didn't even see a Shugo, so I wonder if I just accidentally didn't see it. Even if I was just unlucky I'd still love a map tho
  5. I don't have the exact numbers because I already used my extras for combining, but I used 100 white contracts from the BCM and got ZERO ancient or legendary transformations. Even combining greater transformations never gave me an ancient after several 6-combos. Don't bother spending your money on Aion 6.X unless you're one of the ones with god-mode Ultimate exchange gear and want to be even more OP.
  6. http://na.aiononline.com/awakened-legacy/ Try there.
  7. I didn't manage to catch the stream today and am wondering what got revealed. Any info helps
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