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  1. lol straight bs. I log in and I see that extractors cost 30 petal flowers....how can we do garden of growth if we can't buy extractors. Whats the point? I mean come on guys, really?
  2. So this discussion was posted on March 29th.. and still no response? lol can't say you were busy because its almost been a full 2 weeks and a very concerning issue with the game. So when can we expect an answer or reply? Almost two weeks and no reply...bs.
  3. I just don't get it. You can't say "abuse" because no one did. You guys didn't state anywhere in your forums saying that the egg is non-transferable. Even support allowed this to happen before, so its not abuse. If you didn't want something to happen, you should've taken preventative measures. You could even do this when this event first came out, so how come you didn't do it then if its abuse? You guys should've learned from last time if you didn't want this to happen. Just end the restriction and allow players to transfer it. The community is clearly upset at this because you guys didn't giv
  4. Exactly! We're using our tokens to transfer it. If they didn't want this happening they should've stated this in the beginning. What I think it is, is that they got too lazy with the amount of requests and just want to state they can't do it. If they didn't want us to transfer it, should've stated it before.
  5. I had the same problem, I relogged, restarted the client multiple times then I restarted my computer and it worked after an hour of trying lol
  6. ncsoft should change scroll price, 80 bcoins each maybe?
  7. I've been watching the new patch notes that is about coming and I'm really glad to comeback and try once again. Now, I already downloaded the game and I'm planning start on leveling work but while I was about complete ascension quest my brain asked itself "is it worth doing this since NOW? is this stupid by my part and a waste of time?" so I'm here for your opinions and advices. Thanks you very much and have fun in game.
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