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  1. However, once you've changed your toon as you want, and try to apply it, it says you need a plastic surgery ticket...which are nowhere to be found in the BCM or GST... Even if they don't bring the unicorn back...three mounts to choose from, really? And they're the most boring that have ever been in the game... C'mon NCsoft. I'm begging. ;~;
  2. This happens with me on new characters, but once I reach level 14 (on all of them) I was finally able to sell.
  3. I've had this problem as well, though once I hit level 14 I can sell things. Unsure why you must be lvl 14 to sell stuff though...
  4. Not a bug, but it has been removed from the BCM. Along with a LOT of other cosmetic things...like the majority of mounts. I'm hoping they re-add these things soon.
  5. Also the unicorn! I'm SO angry they removed it!!!
  6. I would be 100% willing to buy character slots so I can have each class on one account. Very annoying that we can't at the moment...
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