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  1. Server Down in 60 Second?! No warning?

    From now on, max out all your entries on Wednesday, in full hopes of servers going down multiple times throughout the week!
  2. Nothing is Wrong With The Rewards List

    For the last time. We were expecting the prices to increase. Anyone who was following along with what was happening, who had even the slightest inkling of how insanely cheap the initial prices were knew it was coming. However, the prices that were given to us afterward require people to grind for hours, inefficiently, for things that you can get in non-event instances in less time. Events are meant to be a "boost," to help players do something other than the usual. As it is now, the prices are *too much* for the average player. Heck, even people who like grinding like myself find this to be too much. And this was the first pvp event that I can even remember happening. You get ONE COIN per TWENTY asmos/elyos you kill. That is laughable. Farming soul stones in evergale is more efficient than going to the eye right now. The community even spoke up about *several* different alternatives. Of course they don't have to follow through with those suggestions, but everything was completely ignored and that's why people are so upset. This isn't just about the darn npc anymore. I had no problem with them changing the prices. But now, as people have done the math before, it takes 83 fatties to kill and loot for one omega. Depending on how your rotation is and how many others even both to show up, that means several hours of grinding for one omega. The other insulting bit is that they then put *omegas up on the bcm.* A flood of omegas only hurts the economy when there's no nc coin being bought. No problems with people who spend money on the game, it's what keeps it running after all. But the eye wasn't even p2w. It was a chance for all players to get geared, all levels, p2w, casuals, grinders, everyone. And since we'll *all* be behind when 6.0 hits, I thought NCWest was actually helping us gear up at first. Shame on me, though.
  3. The thing is, people have been giving suggestions throughout the entire week for alternatives to combat those insane numbers. The ones I found agreement in were: 1) make omegas untradeable, 2) limit the amount you can get per day/per week, 3) make the omegas expire after 7 days anyway. One of or literally all of these would have solved the issue of there being too many omegas. But instead. They've decided to screw everyone over. Yes, there were people who were saying they could get insane amounts of omegas in a short amount of time. But there are quite a few of us who can't or refuse to grind more than 3h a day anyway. From the majority of those I've talked to (casuals like me), that seems to be the longest time frame people have been grinding. And now they can barely afford to get two or three omegas. The only ones who made bank in this event were the ones who turned their crap in before the servers went down. And let's not get started with the soulstones! Soulstones are character bound by default. If more people end up gearing up, won't more people end up needing and using omegas, supplements, etc to get enhance this gear in the first place? A lot were complaining about there not being enough rewards for actual pvp, and if you could yield better results than one coin per 20 defeated iirc, maybe it wouldn't have turned out to be such a mindless train in the first place. I was pretty excited the first day of the event, started playing before the leagues were formed. But I'm on DN-elyos. Where eventually 120+ people couldn't hold off 10-20 asmos. I suspect there were a lot of alts and undergeared folks, but still. But they knew it would be more profitable to follow the train than it was to literally pvp. How insane is that? It wouldn't have been "almost free stuff" if the pvp rewards matched or were even better than the pve mindless zombie eye grind. They've got a responsibility to keep the economy balanced, sure. They've also got a responsibility to keep players engaged. Now they've failed in both regards of pvp and pve, imo. What a freaking joke.