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  1. thank you for replies, I finally see where the skills come from. Are there PVE ways of getting daevanion skills, crafting material contributor required abyss points?
  2. Similarly with Elemental Rush which is first skill on 2nd row Similarly with Aetherblaze, 2nd row 3rd skill.
  3. I have recently came back into the game , used last event to create lvl 80 sorc. I was going to over skill guides to better understand my sorc, and I cannot find any info from where do we get: Shifting Magma skill. Its the 4th skill in the first custom chain.
  4. Its been a while since i played the game. I came back yesterday and while relearning my character, I am having trouble with mana upkeep. While killing mobs I am running out of mana, and mana pots + herb treatement + bless shield dont really help. I though of getting reversed condition stigma, but its 15 mill on trade post and its half my coins . Don't remember this lvl 20 skill ever being so expensive. Any suggestions?
  5. Got a nice surprise to my skill list after coming back into the game, going to have fun time trying to figure where to from now. At least got my name back.
  6. I recently logged in and got my old name back, and going over my inventory to try to figure things out. I read on the forum that there will be a comparable gear to what our character wear given out. Looking at my inventory i dont see anything as such, so i've been wondering if it only for the end game gear or not ( the google doc did not make any sense to me ). I am lvl 60 cleric.
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