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  1. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    I really took many time in characvter creation/surgery, and a lot of money in skins, and i cannot even enjoy them cuz the stupid transformation system, seriously just put the nyerk scrolls.
  2. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    Today this post reach 1 month since was created adn @Cyan still doesnt say anything about it, at least for know he actually read.
  3. How about Transparent Transformation Scrolls ? @Cyan @Hime
  4. Hi i got a friend, she bought a MACbook and now she wanna play AIon, anybody here knows how to make it run?
  5. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    Its so dissapointing, i've been personally asking for these Glittering Heart Costumes, and Weapon skins for near 3 years already, and for the first time they put them on the game, its on an event that probably won't let me get them properly, i would really rather they just put them for NC coins on the store.
  6. **Biggest mistake everything happened since 5.0 and on... tradeable gear, hard lvling, transformations, GP extreme gain, and mostly everything they did after 5.0, and including some 4.8 stuff. And of course the poorness of our BCM, currently there is nothing worth to buy, and that obviously makes the game gain less money, and go to risk of close. ** Biggest OK, the 3 new classes, the revamp of the skills.... i really tired to think in something else but i cant...
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    They probably going to fix the event around sunday or even next maintance, but i really hope they give an extra week from event, becuz personally i have been asking for this Glittering Skin Costume and Weapon, for almost 3 years, everytime i asked "there is a problem with coipyright ... bla bla bla", now we finally get it from an event, but the event is bugged, and the rates of rewards are extremely low, so please... make sure to give more time according the time you take in fix the problem.
  8. Broker Fees

    They need to get this back to the old values ...
  9. Daevonion Skillbook

    an that will take so long that we all going to have enough time to get them in game haha
  10. Legion Mount bugged?

    i don't put in doubt what u said, im just saying that is not possible the price is still the same... for a 7 days mount, is against any logic...
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 6, 2019

    are you aware of all the Housing feature's problems ?? i just wanna know everything i have posted has been read at least ... =.=
  12. Legion Mount bugged?

    I doubt they did this and kept the same ammount of legion coins to buy it.. is just stupid... there must be a mistake with the "price" at least.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 30, 2019

    Seriously do something about the BCM, its lame, it have aoprund 4-6 skins that are not even worth to buy, is really unabelievable that we have to ask you to put something to waste our money in your game.... and the Gold Sand Traders skin tab need to be improved SO MUCH....
  14. Magic Rresistance manastones stil having "Magic Defense" name before being socketed.... once you already put them on an item slot it shows its Magic Resistance, but in broker and in inventory still have wrong name and people can still being confused by this trying to buy Magic Defense/Magic Resistance Manastones. The people who already know asume Magic Defense have lower numbers, same as Physical Defense, and Magic Resistance usually have higher numbers in the manastones, so Magic Defense +41 is actually Magic Resistance, and Magic Defense +10 is really Magic Defense -___-. @Cyan This was not completly fixed with the "fix patch" you guys did few weeks ago.
  15. Aion NA needs Kinah adquisition improvement.

    the kinah adquisition different ways, by farmming mats and sell them, getiing ancient gear for sell, luna for kinah bundles, sell old stuff in broker and other stuff also tested with new and old characters, how difficult it's for new ones is stupid... specially when you have to waste an important amount in stigmas just when you reach to lvl 80 with many classes like Cleric, Gunner, Spirit Master, and others who quest just give them a stigma tree that is not usable for play properly. Basically the game economy system is not compatible with the kinah people can generate normally.