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  1. Sendlog when try open Aion, help please.

    i know other people with this problem, still can't find out how to fix... jthey just play in 32 bits clint, wich sucks...
  2. I really cannot understand how they reach to the conclusion of a PvP oriented Event is the right choice when we all have been talking about server unbalanced faction issues since the 6.2 arrived, even the own members of Aion team mentioned they are working on which one is the best solution; and then they put this up?. This is completly illogical...
  3. I really can't believe you put a PvP related event after all the unbalance issues we have got since the 6.2 update arrived NA. I would understand if there was only a player base saying it, but already @Cyan says the team is working on a fix/help/solution for this faction balance problems, and now you just pop this kind of event? i really cannot understand.
  4. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    i was waiting for someone giving this kind of explanation, completly believable, its ok, but... is there a razonable explanation for the Ultimate WInged gear from the first screenshot too?
  5. What is this?

    honey, i can link whatever i want just by copy/paste the code from aioncodex, right now link something in chat doesnt really means that that person actually have the item----
  6. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    this is the second proof i see of people suspiciusly endgame geared in EK.... at least this one is Genesis stuff, the 1st one was with compensation "Winged" item -.-, i was hoping someone say something, an announcment, an explanation, anything... at elast someone saying "that's false", but the silence just make it worst.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    Yeah i know about it, it cost 116 Petals, ...still it was much easier to craft them due we usually use Petals in guestblooms and other stuff, sadly the NPC that use to sell guestblooms with petals was changed, and now have some horrible basic furniture that already sells the basic shugo merchants, its clearly a mistake, and they even removed 1 of the NPC who used to sell more housing stuff, guess removing the construction with all the recipes, wasnt enough they also had to remove an entire NPC with housing stuff and even a tab of Guestblooms we can afford to farm some skins, and others stuffs. And as if this wasn't enough they changed the NPC who sells exclusive items with petals on high lvl villages and now it doesnt sell anything, and says she's going to sell when she's scure to have enough of something, which makes me think about the village task quest, but the one in there just spawn the NPC that sells special furnitre, the one also sells an Mount egg, and it's cleraly not the same NPC that the one for Guestblooms. So @Cyan can we please have a fix for housing content, this doesnt even need some permisson, or "talk" to the devs, these are just bugs... missing NPCs, missing items for sell, and missing bonuses on the lvl 5 villages. Please -____- . *** And the script editor is still unavaliable for use Q___Q ***
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    @Cyan I know you said there are a lot of feeback been talked to the devs, and thanks for that, i just want make sure in all that is included the Construction/Housing stuff, unlike the other profesions for craft Armors, Weapons, jewerly, that everything cna be crafted now with the Aetherforging, and Potions that now are on the Kinah shop, and scrolls were reduced to the transformation ones... The construction/Housing stuff, is not able to get back from anywhere, i literally have 2 cabinets with a lot of stuff stuck in there cuz i can't craft those cabinets anymore... I know the stuff i have stuck in there are not really important, but just like me there are many other peopl who got there Ap Relics, Skins, and more important things... and just like this, there is A LOT of things there were in the construction profession craft that we can't have anymore, and they are not avaliable in any other way.... Please do something. I add screenshoot of my cabinets with stuck stuff at my Estate (the 2 first lines on my Housing Storage) Also some people will probably say "how can you be worried about this while we have many other stuff wrong on the game", well for me this is more important than ask for things that are working properly and you don't like it.
  9. Game current state

    People really need to stop asking for free stuff, the game is not like it was during 5.x anymore, during 3.x the game was pretty much like this, hard to get stuff, hard to get skins, hard to get enchants... etc etc.., the onyl point i must agree in this is the enchantment rate, all other stuff i really believe are like they must be to go back to old aion. 5.x make ppl just get sued to the free stuff, and stupids events that make you totally dpeneding of them, now enjoy the game just like it is...
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    I was really expeting some official announcment about the screenshots of people in EK server with compensation gear, aka, Winged Legendary. Say it's false, if ut's true, something.. whatever you said would have been ok.
  11. Wonder Girls disbanded back in 2016, Miss A even before that...I read one time about all the products related to disbanded groups even cover song etc.. cannot be done without payment/permisson for 1 year after the disband, i don't know if this works like that but-... i really think if we don't have that stuff related to them is just because devs are lazy to keep trying to get them.
  12. Game current state

    In my opinion "Aion current state" at least in my server Danaria is: - People all over the map doing different stuff 24/7 - Sieges full of people - You can't step a foot for longer than 2 minutes on a camp without get pvp. Which is probably best state i've seen on the game in years.
  13. NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game

    And here is another egocentric guy who really believe on his mind that as he is not playing anymore, the game is dead... again.... honey please..... YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT, not even in your home, even less up here... so stop trying to make "aion death" happen.... Specially, not because of you people....
  14. I know there are many people getting dc, after being killed by specific players, not just random... Exploit, Hacks... whatever it is, please do not allow this happen... this verison is going so well to let this thing destroy what in eye sof most players is the last chance of aion.
  15. Hi @Cyan @Hime i wanted to know if the Luna bundles listed on the Blackfriday sale are already on the BCM, because i see the normal ones, my doubt is are that ones already with the bonus included, but is not listed on the description? or.. bonus bundles will be applied during this comming week? I need to buy some tons of lunas <3