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  1. Aion Equipment System Update

    Im so glad we finally have some information for NA about the 6.0+, this is what we needed just a confirmation that we are eventually getting the update <3. TY
  2. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    Is completly different cuz Beritra came on a really bad momment in the game just when the items became tradables and the economy gone insane, the P2W dominates the game and makes low population servers die. Now with new economy system that shouldnt happen that easy, it's also better play in a virgin server considering all the help you get from lvl 1-75 and the fast lvling system bring back again.
  3. Taiwan bringing the smack down NA soon to follow?

    This is an amazing help for the new economy system.
  4. Fix for House Script Bug

    i would like Gm's fix this for real, is really sad that player have to find out a way to make things work...
  5. Little favor while we wait update to @Cyan

    I remember clearily how a GM answer in old forum that they had to disable it due some "problems"
  6. Little favor while we wait update to @Cyan

    i just can edit the housing xml file to input new ones, anyways, we are not just players, we are costumers too, is awful we can't use the function for more than 2 years, and worst even that players had to find out on their own how they deal with it. Say "this way u can make it work" is not an excuse for so long time with this bugged/disabled.
  7. Little favor while we wait update to @Cyan

    The fact is they said the script were being used for hacks or some illegal stuff, but we changed the gameguard for xingcode several months ago for better security, so is still unsafe for housing scripts?
  8. Aion August Preview

    @Cyan any chances to get a "fix" for (enable) the script edition for housing? now that we use xingcode isnt safe yet to use them?, i've been paying my estate for like 2 years without the script editor function -____-
  9. Hi @Cyan, i would like to know, if there is any chance to able the housing script edition in game while we wait the next update, just to have something else to do in the game, i believe i speak for each housing lover in the game, we are so tired of can't edit scripts in game, and is really annoying to save a script in deposit, close the game, open the lbox_archived.xml and there edit the sciript without even reach to see the result until reopen the game, and do this everytime we wanna add some script to our home is really driving me crazy of tired. Please it's so sad that we can't enjoy properly all the features of the game at this point. PLEASE! Thank you for read. P.S: PLEASE!!!!
  10. Where is the July preview?

    i really hope you're right....
  11. Where is the July preview?

    They probably don't know what to put in there anymore
  12. They ruined Glad forever!

    I believe that its OK that there must be a class balance in where each class must have their direct counter, and ofc Templar must be Gladi's counter, in most games Tank defeats warriors.
  13. Evergale feature you forgot to remove

    it also appear a weird purple buff icon just when u get the sendlog in Evergale.
  14. New Furniture cabinet give same cabinet.

    I except they make a set for housing with useful items with storage, that doesnt give same cabinet storage on 2 items valued by 1k nc coins each one, and are part of the same style set. All items from same set have different storage items, like Eastern Butterfly/Eastern Four Season, the ones from Construction crafts, the ones from halloween, the ones from Christmas, the ones from Camping set, and keep going on every set for housing, except this one. I really believe this is a mistake.
  15. Add these items

    It would be amazing, specially cuz 6.0 is inminet incomming and all gear gonna go to hell, would be amazing to get some AP back from those items we are not even using anymore, before it dissapear.