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  1. I think this is actually a really good idea, let's take out the karma from KT-DN once and for all. Let's go back to the Aion lore names.
  2. touche , i'm still waiting tho.
  3. @Cyan @Hime are we having the new launcher for 7.0 update?. Cuz we are the only game th8at ahcve not migrate to the new NC Launcher, even Lineage 2, and older game is using it. Is just a thing of... showi some care for the game like the other ones.
  4. To be honest "NCsoft" best event is the one currently on Lineage 2 called Red Libra, the only event in that game that actually worth to play hahaha. Sadly we don't have anything near to that in Aion.
  5. Normally when i go to shop to some store in RL, if i wanna purchase something with a price marked and on system says it cost higher, they respect the "wrong price" because it was their mistake and not mine, i believe you should have done the sanme, you already posted at OFFICIAL WEBSITE the transfer were for free from EK to KT or DN. and now yuou just say it was wrong and people must pay for the "normal transfer" to DN?
  6. Out of date???????????? It was posted on the same day as the forum info
  7. @Cyan Is it normal that your forum post says the transfer is only avaliable to Katalam for free, but your Website announcement says it can be to Katalam or Danaria for free? Can please explain? Because it's kinda contradictory.
  8. Why complain only for KT community? DN will be affected too... they can transfer to KT or DN for free.
  9. actually it was 5 years... @Cyan i hope this means next fix for housing is the NPC vendor of Guestblooms the one it still empty without any shop tab or option, at Oriel Main Town and all villages lvl 5 around the map.
  10. You mean this one? https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110901041/
  11. Hi, i come to tlak mostly with @Cyan. Back in October when 6.0 was the fresh update, i posted a problem wich in that momment doesnt seems that bad... But now is 6 months later, and is the 6.7 patch, and still there the fact that with the Construction crafting gone we werent able anymore to get 2 cabinets, that we used to get every 60 days, by crafting or buy from broker from people who crafted. These to cabinets are Ulmus Wood Cabinet (Noble Ulmus Wood Cabinet in white version from proc craft), and Egrasi Wood Cabinet (Noble Egrasi Wood Cabinet in white version from the proc craft) Those 2 Cab
  12. Wrong, During 6.0 aka 6.2 Gunners do has the Aion's favor skill in passive skills, with the same icon and same effect as the previous 4.0/5.3 versions that was an active buff, and if u started weaving against a dumy it used to pop like normally does by chance, extra numbers apart in your dmg. Now you can do the same, hit dumy with basic pistols and it wont pop any extra damage never. Stable Stance new verison just gives extra PvE Attack, and no extra dmg with numbers.And that skill coexisted with the 6.2 Aion's Favor passive skill. The screenshot i put is from the 6.7 patch notes. It cl
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