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    Ok now give us YOUR opinion, and no Vashiro's one Have couple friends who used to play in EU, i bring them here, they thanks me everyday for take me out of that hell.. they would never go back there... and i dont know a single person who played in Eu and then in NA who rather to go back to there.
  2. Hi, i came from the Aion EU Forums, youtube and twitch comments and social networks, people in EU is really really pissed off with Gameforge about 6.2, now they have read how NA will recieve 6.2, and they realize Gameforge really screw the update.They are forming groups to migrate to NA servers and i would take advantage from that. I highly recommend to set a free starter pack with some helpful items for new players so they will see how better is NA server .
  3. @Cyan @Hime Since the kinah will be reduced, and we are going to get less kinah entries than before, can you guys tell me if the weekly fee for House, Mansion and Estates (Housing) will be the same?, cuz it won't be easy to keep paying the Estate every week with less kinah entry.
  4. Hi , i created this poll to make AIon tema how important for players is to have a new and uopdated website, with information of all classes and the game for new players, due old players can handle to go other unnofficials websites for information, but we also need to bring new players and they really need to find that info in the official website. If you think this is true express on the poll, and if not.. you are free to also vote. However i really hopes the Aion team ( @Cyan and @Hime) consider this and can do something for the 6.2 Patch release. I beleieve there is many people in here who would love to help with promoting and many other social networks job and website too.
  5. All you need to know before 6.2!

    Can't say im sad or worried about Mochigirl lossing Governor rank...
  6. Disappointment

    I cannot agree more, Aion needs a revamped new update Website to come along with the 6.0 update, the most important patch in years, it's our biggest chance to call new players attention, and make this game back to its average community quantity. I still remember back before 5.3 update, during a letter of the producer, talking about the future plans, including an order of priority, the wich had on it new forum, updates 5.3 and 5.8 and faster updates and closer to korean ones dates (yeah right...), and new website, which never happened. This game need a visual revamp in website, and social networks, call attention, everything enter first on the eyes, for the love of god, give AIon some love from the NcWest team! @Cyan @Hime guys this is urgent before the patch.
  7. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    The kinah limit should hjave been increased along with the economy evolutions across the years and updates, during 3.5 117kk was an important amount of kinah, you can buy many things,felicitous used to cost around 30-40kk in the time the manastones used to break all the slots in the item when fail and u had to start over, right now in 5.8 117kk which is the max kinah you can adquire from the npc, that 117kk in 5.8 are useless, you can afford any worth item except omegas and temperings, with normal price you can get ONE. For this reaosn i believe they should've increased the kinah sell limit with the economy evolution.
  8. @Cyan what about Shields? are they considered Weapon or Armor for the exchange? cuz currently in 5.8 Shield come in "Armor Boxes" but in 6.2 they come inside a "Weapon Box". So if i have an AP shield or Caeus Shield enchanted enough to exchange, will i get an Weapon Box? or an Armor Box @___@?
  9. Cannot agree more, as close to Korea version => as better Game sucess will ahve in NA. It's our chance to make a good and worth difference for real with EU servers. We already have better things, now we can gather many others, that will become the reaosn why people choose to play Aion in NA instead EU.
  10. Hi, i play aion from the launch in NA, and i have purchased tons of Nc coins in all this time, during the last year i tested some other games and i realized that the cash shop was kinda different in a good way, we Nc coins packs for 400 NC Coins = 5 USD, 800 NC Coins = 10 UDS, 1600 NC coincs = 20 USD and on and on until the 20.000 NC Coins = 250 USD max. Other games normally when u buy more coins, you get a little extra more, so the more money you spend, the more you get compared to the lower prices. Its would be amazing and im 10000% sure you would sell A LOT MORE NCoins if you edit the NC coins packs nearly this way: (Just like most profitable games have their stores) Im sure the NCwest games would have even moire players if you do this really worth change. Because.. let's be honest, its really dumb that the 400 NC coins pack make a value exact the same as the more expensive packs. I really hope you consider this. P.S: THE PICTURE IS EDITED BY ME FOR SIMULATE A GOOD CHANGE FOR NCOINS PRICES TO BE SIMILAR TO THE MOST POPULAR GAMES.
  11. Why the Caeus Weapon Box doesnt give an option for choose any Cleric Weapon?, Staff and Mace both are for melee physical dmg, and i know it could be possible that it doesnt supose to bring a Cleric weapon, but there is actually a Shield with Magic and Physical option stats, and also Magic Chain set.. I really wanted to have the Mace to see what i get from it in 6.2 =/. @Cyan @Hime Help please <3
  12. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    Lineage 2 Classic, is an official game edited and created by Korean developers, it was planned to bring back old players to the most popuplar game version they have got in Lineage 2, when Lineage 2 was THE game around the world, and the only opponent to WoW, They have no plans for Aion Classic, but they have been working on AIon 2 and Project TL for a while so just have to wait for a couple years.
  13. up to him, please do nto follow any of the EU changes, they screw the 6.2 update...
  14. No info no spending money

    But this info is not about NA, cuz there isnt even a Lineage 1 Server on NA :S, these are info from Korea wtf
  15. What if the delay for update is because they are getting the new 6.5 patch for NA and we are gonna be the 1st ones in have it ? *O* At this point dream with this stuff just make me happy