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  1. hi! my thing is when we have this event with the color crystal keys why can't u put out like chest in the main base that gives us medium loot while the ones outside main bases could be better loot to hunt, I mean new players that get these keys can't get to those chest out in katalam at all because people camp those chest or bot them what so ever, so why not put the chest in the main base for medium loot while those outside the main base could give better loot then the ones in the main base.
  2. hi i have an issue with my pet: flame bogel it is the only pet that won't stick to the skill bar it seems all my other classes pet stick to the skill bar and to top it off i bought the evolved speckled ailu egg to my aethertech and it looks like my spiritmasters characters pet flame bogel pet is the only pet that has this problem that will not stick to the skill bar somehow i have to drag it out to skill bar every time i log on or change characters. i wonder if it a code somewhere that removes it from skill bar or something because im not sure if any other people have same issue with this
  3. im more worry about kinah to alts tho if the stupid korea overlords could add back the kinah mail system to alts tho because if u get stuck in sanctum with 0 kinah u never getting out of sanctum also i know about luna system but if it breaks down or get removed in the future lol who knows.
  4. we missing 3 files that we not getting from the luncher download it seems i verified with BDO's xigncode and used those files to get to the xign loader but not get ingame because wrong xigncode setup from bdo files but if dev team could give us those right files in luncher that we miss so we get the right full complete xigncode files we probably can come in. unless someone that comes into the game and can verify that we should have 8 files or 5 files in 64 bit xigncode folder in aion ??
  5. hi!! i read a few got a few issue with xigncode and i got same issue so i looked up various issue and for me it didnt feel right so i notice when i checked BDOs files on there xigncode folder and aions folder that aion miss like 3 files because i tested the bdo files in aion and i got the xignacode to work until it shut down because of wrong xigncode but it worked to get in to the little icon loader. so the luncher itself seems not to download those 3 files through our luncher: 1: xcorona.xem 2: xmag.xem 3: xxd-0.xem i only checked 64 version xignacode folder dunno if
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