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  1. excuse me but that was a wrong translation so what do you want to do? just accept that they did a mistake instead of reporting it and fix it?
  2. I think that our only "job" is to report the issues and bugs to them and let them know these problems, it's their job to find the solution or a fix for things He showed the problem, the part where he asks about giving him the correct set it's their choice to do it or not. They are the ones that need to find a solution for things, not us. We can try to help but replying "the support team is unable to assist you with this since we do not provide this kind of service" it's a lie. They could, at least, say that they can't change his set but that they can do something about it.
  3. Anyway I'm in the same situation I have all +5, weap and wings +10 and if they don't do anything about it I'm not even gonna try to pvp If they do these mistakes then don't say that people don't even try sieges cause YOU are ruining the pvp experience with this
  4. This is what happens when you release a patch in a hurry cause you're about to lose every single player in aion na All the tickets about bugs that are THEIR fault they just reply "sorry we can't do anything, have a good day"
  5. Hello! Last week I was decorating and moving stuff in my studio and I wanted to change the colors for my furnitures to match the theme I had in mind So I went out of the studio and start searching for dye plants so i could gather colours I noticed that it doesn't drop anything so I thought that they removed it, since they removed dyes for equipment 3-4 days ago I had an idea: "what if it's bugged, or the drop is for level 10 to 75, and I can't drop with my main char cause it's level 80?" So I went back with an alt low level and it started dropping dyes (luckily tradable so I di
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