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  1. and that's the problem. they take out a basic and important element on the game that is see ur own character (remember this is a RPG!) and force to pay for u can see. and I don't care the p2w, and understand the game need money to survive. but.... this looks like dishonest way to make money and seems ridiculous to know there's happen 2 years (?) and never changed it.
  2. as always, GMs puting event patchs over the solution.
  3. I think there's 2 years since im not playing Aion, and I came to the forum for this thread. I just want to ask if transparent transformation scrolls still are a luxury. I mean, the cost is expensive than normals (don't care if the cost is just 100k more). because the most basic thing in a MMORPG is ur character appearance, that's why it's a ROLE PLAYING GAME. we gave a lot of feed back about this issue because in that time almost nobody like to play in Madagascar online. so... GM's have heard our feedbacks? or they still seems to don't care about this?
  4. yeah. since that class is not an artist at all. he only throw paints. its like songweaver hit with the harp and dont make any sound. would be interesting that vandal use arts to attack as songweaver use the dolfphin, etc. but anyway. its not ncwest fault. but i hope in this version they hear more the players. cuz since 4.9 ppl ask for something and GMs here always ignore.
  5. I mean, if he have time for close thread, why dont answer ppl here?
  6. Cyan ignoring players on this thread meanwhile he close another thread of ppl asking for this too? meh.... nothing new in this rotten world.... I dont know how many games Ncwest need to close before to know if they hear their players they get money.
  7. this GMs seems dont really care us. -ppl need transparent scrolls because ur character appearance is the most basic thing in a RPG ---> they dont even care. -they make a server transfer and dont even care if the low quantity of players want to be there. making a post on official website and retracting at the last moment. if Cyan has been ignoring us for 4 months about transparent scrolls until he told us that there's no will be changes 1 month ago... what do you spect with that disrespectfuls acts againts the comunity? Aion NA staffs seems employers from a store that don
  8. A lot of ppl joined to Aion many years ago cuz the long costumization of ur character. You really think its okay make it a luxury? this is the only mmoRPG that you CAN'T see ur character and this is the MOST BASIC fact in a RPG. you really never hear your players. nobody want it.
  9. @Cyan what's about transparent scrolls? we have months asking. stop to ignoring us. players will keep spaming waiting for at least 1 answer.
  10. @Cyan what's goin on? u will keep ignoring us about transparent scrolls? really do you think its okay to push us to pay to see our characters? really do you think its okay make it a luxury?? its really disappointing and disrespectful of you ignoring us EVERY week since MANY months ago. you really need money for the game? put more appearance on BCM and put the transparent scrolls on gold sand trader for the same price than normal scrolls. we are tired to ask u about this and its not okay u keep ignoring us!
  11. I have zero expectation for the next patch too. Cyan never answer about the trasparent scrolls even when we were asking for it since Aion 6.2.... so, expectations? Sadly the same poor service once again. Is the worst system EVER when the most basic fact in any RPG is your character appearance. Ignoring us is so disrespectful. So i just enter to formus every week waiting for some update about this as many ppl. And seems Aion team is waiting we get bored fast to close the game instead to call ppl if they ignore us every time we ask for something. I remember that time on kahrun when we wait
  12. I have been chanter since 2.5 and the 97% of the whole time i've been nerfed. Ppl get mad cuz 1 power up but dont remember that SM always have been OP. Clerics too, etc. I dont care if im nerfed again. Its normal on my class. But main op-class-of-the-version will get mad with the nerf and will find a new broken class again. They was main assa, then main SM, then main cleric, then main gunner, main sw and now main chanter
  13. Hime is on L2 forums with other community managers, meanwhyle we have 1 that ignore us.
  14. @Cyan and not answer about our question????????
  15. Cyan only appears to close thread but not for answer us. that's really unrespectful for everyone here and every single player in Aion.
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