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  1. did u really think that u was gonna get all your +15 stigmas without pay a lot of money¿ welcome to Aion, u have 3 ways to progress on this: 1.- Clean your wallet and get it by yourself 2.- Farm a lot of alts everyday for MONTHS, then u could get almost the same, without pay it 3.- Follow the step 1 and buy from other guy with more luck than you This guide applies for EVERYTHING in aion, your welcome.
  2. Trust me, its better if u dont get unban, let this game finally die, its an old game with one of the worst administration i ever seen, also his community is toxic AF. Their admin team always choose the worst decision on every issue and they cant even take a time to reflex and say "ok, we are wrong, we can do the things better", About "players" they cant see the dif between use third program to take advantage and use it for do this sh1t playable. We are being fcked since korea with their stupids actions trying to stop the market kinah (one market that keeps alive the game bcs mostly pl
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