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  1. Blows my mind that people like you 2, don't want to understand the difference between buying from Farmers and Buying from NcSoft. The one and MOST important part here, is that with farmers, they HAVE to play the game in order to acquire kinah. And/Or bot. Both of this issues are here BECAUSE NcSoft is not doing their job ( like banning Bots and Farmers ). Also, Farmers and Bots have ..limited power ( IKR? ) but with NcSoft ( read the next sentence loud and clear ), you have infinite amount of Kinah ........... out of no where. They are INJECTING kinah into the game. Artificially, since yo
  2. 250$ for Aion Classic ... ... ...... ......... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ..and no! I don't care : I do whatever I want with mo money man!!!!!!!! As long as there will be people like you, we will never have good games not ruined by P2W.
  3. Well, several days ago it was OK, now isn't. How long do you think Siel will be the "over-populated" server? It will soon turn into Israphel. But anyway, your reply is so bad, that I now understand what kind of players NcSoft cater to.
  4. I keep seeing this pathetic defending posts from you left and right. You write but without even thinking about it, with zero common sense. One will be that for someone to have 36 mil with 1 mil per day limit, the servers should of been live for ... well , 36 days? And this is just one of your lots of posts where you talk without common sense. At least if you are going to ..defend something, do it with style. You welcome!
  5. Unless by half of player-base in 2 weeks to stop logging in is normal, then you are right. From anyone else point of view, this means the game is bad, will soon be a ghost town, etc. As we speak, Israphel has less than 1k players online. Sure, you might say "but is Wednesday" or "is the hour bro", etc. Last week at this hour, there were like 1.5k+ players on Israphel. Aaaaaanyway! A game with 2 servers with, and let me quote you : ...less people logging in - as with every launch of any mmorpg - , means 1 thing : Merging the only 2 servers they have soon and then .. there will b
  6. One of them told me just now that he used Exitlag. So .. yea! Don't know about the other yet, but I assume he also used Exitlag.
  7. Congratz! Back in the days you couldn't even dream to do that in several days after launch. How many candies have you bought? LOL
  8. Yesterday you banned 2 of my ( irl ) friends, who were keep playing Aion, despite my efforts to make them not paying and not playing on your servers. They said they will give you a try, even tho' I told them my experience in L2 Classic where you ruined the game and when I tried to get a refund, you rejected it. Thankfully, you banned them and they both made a complain on Paypal and they got their money back and let me quote 'eF NcSoft'. They played with reduced lag software , since we are all from Europe and that's the reason you did it....because and let me quote from your email y
  9. Donation .......... HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA This says A LOT about the NcSoft community, in both L2 Classic and Aion Classic. I saw the exact same threads in L2 Classic at the beginning of the servers : "Can't DONATE!!! PLZ HELP" Geezes!
  10. Bug or no bug, is not intended. It should of been addressed before release like it was in 2009/2010. But we are talking about NcSoft here, so enjoy this "smart making kinah" .. thing. There is nothing smart here, just laziness from NcSoft.
  11. Oh .. I know now. This was a bug back in the days too, LOL. Crafted items gives much more kinah than the prices you pay for the mats or even buying them from the NPC if I remember correctly. /facepalm That's not smart, wtf? Anyway, let me search for the "bug" and see if I can get a link with it!
  12. Small minority you say? Where do you take your numbers from? Also, the "small minority of whales" are also having a direct impact into the economy, by buying Candies and sell them to other players ( the majority for you to understand ), where they will sell it to the NPC for a profit of 20-30k per Candy. You still don't see the problem here? Oh well .. is fine!
  13. It started to be a think? LOL I mean, now that you've said it, it was a matter of time actually! /3 WTB x20 MB +22 = Pay 100 Candies Yup, make sense! :)))
  14. And pay them with what? Candies? Because Aion Classic has between 3 to 7k players logged in at once ( and this is with the free week of P2P ). With that "many" online at once, I believe Aion ( as of now with P2P free week still going ), has a max of 50k players in total. By tomorrow, when P2P free week ends this will go down to ..30-40k. Now depends how many Whales they have, but it will still not be enough to pay "hundred of workers" ... with Candies!
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