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  1. NCSoft is retconning the lore of Aion to fit in to their mobile version. I wouldn't be surprised if in the final. Erishkigal destroys the world, and Aion appears to redo it in another image, with all these new funky look and lord forbid Asmos and Elmos being friends.
  2. Hope you reported the actual bots and not actual players who are farming.
  3. You can't redo the blue quests if it is an instance quest (My experience anyway, not sure if others are the same. The second try in the instance does not give you the quests nor the completion criteria). You just have to click on abandon for those that you didn't manage to complete in your first try in the instance. As for the level up, you can do the Luna Taki quests. Also if you're feeling adventurous, you can go to Inggison / Gelkmaros / Cygnea or Enshar and click on some of the NPCs there. Those NPCs don't have any blue arrows floating over them, but when you do click on them, some of
  4. Cannot complete the Kromede quest line. I managed to complete the ones from Walter, and Karlatu after going in to the instance for Kromede, but can't complete the last one with Sieger.
  5. Try disabling your antivirus/firewall and try again. If this doesn't work, try doing this: update your windows, and update your graphics drivers. If this still doesn't help the issue then do this: Go in to your Aion Folder, rename your the bin32 and bin64 with .old extension and restart your game client. Do a File Repair, and the client will redownload the files. Once complete, try launching again. You could try to rename those files with Cry* with .old and try, but I'm not too certain which files are linked with the .DLL. If successful, you can go in and delete those folde
  6. First things first, do a windows update. The last windows patch borked Aion for me too. Do a file repair via the NCSoft launcher. Some files could be corrupted. Then start your launcher. After clicking start on your launcher and if you don't see a small logo appearing on the bottom right of your screen (XingCode3), your game will not start. See if your XingCode3 is allowed to communicate in/out via internet. If not, do allow it. Lastly, if it still doesn't work, try going to your Aion folder : NCSOFT->Aion->bin64->XingCode . Delete the files in this folder or renam
  7. Try going in to your Aion folder NCSOFT->Aion->bin64->XingCode . Delete the files in this folder or try renaming them with .old or something. Then try restarting your game.
  8. Looks to be an issue with XingCode3 not starting up. If you block this, the game doesn't start. Something interfering with that? Antivirus? Firewall?
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