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  1. Zhandar-KT


    So, i tried to play this game after several years, i spent 10 bucks on the starter box just to find out that is unplayable, lag is terrible, toon stops moving for even 60 secs and then your death when the spike ends, why are you keeping this garbage online?, seriosuly if you gonna sell something, do it right, this is a totally waste or money and time. as for me im deleting this garbage right now, enjoy your 10 bucks NC, thats all you will get for me
  2. im getting a message saying "You need to complete Gelkmaro's last mission (Choice at the crossroads) to reach lvl 56. but i cant find where is that quest, or that place, anyone knows how to continue? Thanks
  3. you cant change anything atm? hair or body? nothing?
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