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  1. In Memory of Instagib

    An amazingly talented sorc. RIP.
  2. Goodbye AION.

    I believe you made the correct choice. We gave NCSoft ample opportunity to make changes. But they squandered that opportunity and now the best way to express how unsatisfied we are with Aion, NCSoft, and NCSoft's defenders at this point is to move on to other games and hobbies. This game's population is so dead that it doesn't matter whether he was well-known or not. Players are not expendable.
  3. Nc Will Kill Aion

    Ty bro. I haven't saved a kitten from a lumber yard yet, but I try to do good things. Them Pureletters just don't understand.
  4. "'It was difficult to predict in advance how these things would take effect.' Some errors slipped past us in the heat of the moment, there is no nice way of saying it." Just lol.... But yeah, at least they admitted the problem and fixed some shit.
  5. New server already dead (rant)

    EK was a good idea, but 6.2 was crap and NC took too long to fix nyerk and thus failed to retain the population not just on EK, but other servers as well. I completely lost faith in NC's ability to improve and even though I'm pushing for changes here, I'm playing other games instead. Even if 6.5 or 7.0 are better, I don't know if I'll return to Aion because NA Aion will probably be a ghost town by the time those patches arrive. If I absolutely need to play Aion in future, I'll likely look towards private servers.
  6. Not a good time to come back?

    I get that you're one of Aly's buddies so you feel the need to say something..but Aly wondered why she is being "attacked" and why she has a reputation of being a "white knight." I delivered with some evidence. If she didn't want to get called out for her bs, she shouldn't have said it. It's that simple.
  7. Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?

    As far as I can tell, they have no brain cells to lose so no problem.
  8. Ideas for Events Rewards

    Good list. I would add pets and cabinets to the list.
  9. List of Issues for 6.2

    Bump for the 3rd time. I understand that changes are incoming for enchantment success rates and enchantment stone availability. But still no response for any of the other issues? @Cyan@Hime@Gideon
  10. Not a good time to come back?

    Don't listen to Aly. It's an awful time to come back. Here's a couple things Aly said where she conveniently left out important details: "But if you liked PvP before, there is plenty of open world to be had." There's 3 tiers of gear now: ancient, legendary, and ultimate tier. They are color-coded yellow, purple, and red respectively. The difference between tiers of gear is massive. A player in red gear can take on a full group of players in yellow gear (if not more). Here's an example (that I've already posted in a different thread) to illustrate what I mean: Check out the fight starting at approx. the 15:00 mark. There's also a few moments in the video where you can see absurd damage output on lesser geared opponents like the 42k damage Call Lightning on an Aethertech at 12:02. Many players on the KT and DN servers were compensated with purple and red gear for gear that they had prior to the 6.2 patch, and a lot of players that didn't get compensated have been stuck with yellow gear because of low enchantment rates and low availability of Legendary PvP enchantment stones. A lot of pvpers (including myself) got tired of seeing gear difference being such a dominant factor in the outcome of fights and now we're playing other games and posting on the forums trying to force some changes out of NCSoft instead of being fools and grinding and dealing with ridiculous amounts of RNG. "The biggest being that all scrolls (run speed, cast speed, attack speed, crit and all of the elemental resist scrolls) have been removed and a system of "transformations" was implemented. These transforms give varying run, attack and/or cast speed buffs as well as other stats, like physical/magical attack, physical/magical accuracy, physical/magical defense and heal boost. A big issue is that to use the transform, you get turned into that creature (just like candies from before) and many players don't want to be a furry or a skeleton or what have you. There are transparent transform scrolls, but those are harder to get and more expensive." There's actually 3 main issues with the introduction of the transformation system. We have brought them up repeatedly and Aly is aware of all of them, but she chose to leave out a very important one (speed). Here's the full list: Speed- You need at least Legendary (purple) gear and an Ancient contract to have approximately the same atk/cast/run speeds as you had prior to 6.2. This essentially means grinding, paying real money, and/or dealing with RNG to have what we easily had access to for years (everyone had the same speed bonuses on their weapon/gloves/shoes and old scrolls were available to everyone since they were cheap af to buy or craft and could be obtained in various other ways as well). A gear gap to overcome where one did not exist previously. Appearance- One of the best things about Aion is its character customization. A lot of players not only "don't want to be a furry or a skeleton," but they want their toon to look exactly the way they created them. Expense/Availability of Scrolls- Transformation Scrolls and Transparent Transformation Scrolls are overpriced (old scrolls were cheaper when you take into account deflation of the economy) and can't be crafted or easily obtained. "Much of the complaining you are seeing is about a lack of communication from NCWest with the player base. We get drips and drabs, but largely we are in the dark except for the occasional post saying that they understand our complaints are are working on changes. Ofc most of those changes have to come from Korea and they have never been anything close to speedy in their help for Aion NA. So that hasn't changed. Though that doesn't explain why we can't get the eye-bug fix (some characters have one black eye and one normal colored eye) that Aion EU already has or why the price for power shards can't be reduced to something reasonable." Lack of communication has been a huge problem but it's only one of the problems. The other problem is that it's been 2 months since NA got 6.2 and NCSoft hasn't fixed a thing (arguably they fixed one thing by giving equal access to Elyos and Asmos through Golden Sand Traders but the shards bundles are still overpriced). Finally, after heavy pressure from the community, they've just recently announced that they will raise enchantment rates and make enchantment stones more available, but who knows when they will actually implement these changes. Cyan said something like "look forward to more information in the next few weeks" so yeah....gonna translate that to NCSoon. And that's just the first fix. Who knows when NCSoft will start to tackle all the other issues we've tried to bring to their attention. Here's a list of issues that have yet to be resolved: Notice the lack of response from NC employees? I even bumped that thread twice with @ Also worth noting, there are some important issues that are not on that list (e.g. retuning costs too much Luna, switching stigmas requires too much kinah, etc.). You have your reputation for a reason. I don't want to waste my time explaining right now so I'll just post some threads from October and November that exemplify how your posts on these forums have looked like for years: Morrigan and Forgotten's posts in that thread are probably my all-time favorite forum posts. Ah....the one-liner patronizing gif "Change is hard" dismissing the OP's concerns as invalid instead of staying on topic and discussing whether the changes Roguewitch brought up were good/beneficial or not. Someone wanted fair pvp on EK (didn't want cross-server pvp vs. KT/DN because KT/DN got compensation gear) and you Liked Bryos' post which said: "Poor poor you. You went for a carebear server and noticed a minimal part of the game doesnt let you behave that way. Sad." I'll end with some protips for you: Nobody cares that you're a long time player. I've seen you mention it way too many times over the years as if it matters. You don't autowin arguments by seniority. And you're not the only player who's been around for a while. Constantly calling yourself rational does not make you rational nor does it make the posters you're arguing against irrational. Same applies to calling other people children and yourself an adult (usually you imply this). Same applies to describing people voicing valid concerns as "crying," "whining," or "throwing tantrums." Etc. etc. etc. In general, you should lay off the patronizing tone and hyperbole. If you can and are willing to tolerate/deal with idiotic changes, it doesn't mean other people should tolerate idiotic changes. Don't get in the way of those of us who are not merely trying to tolerate problems, but rather fix them. Do not strawman/misrepresent your opponent's position. Do not appeal to antiquity ("things have been this way, therefore they should continue to be this way"). Careful with your wild accusations and false assumptions (you know which ones I'm talking about). Leave your own tinfoil hat at home before making fun of others for their "conspiracy theories." Yes I've been paying attention. Don't start playing the victim card when you've had it coming. "Oh no people are such potatoes why are they attacking meeee." Gee I wonder why.
  11. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Yeah sure let's call the community ridiculous when NCSoft did nothing for two months before announcing they would fix ONE of the problems we've been requesting that they fix. Who knows when these new enchantment rates will actually be implemented (cuz NCSoon) or when they'll start addressing the other bajillion issues we've tried to bring to their attention. White knight moar.
  12. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    It's a known issue. It's #24 on Pylinaer's list of issues for 6.2: No word yet though about when it will be fixed though (if ever).
  13. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    Yup. I'm currently playing MOBA games and only log in Aion once per week. If NC wants Aion to die nothing we can do about it. Just let it die.
  14. Locking Threads

    This is rich coming from someone who was falsely accusing people of buying their accounts, assuming that Unbeatable is way more geared than he actually is, and assuming that players that rerolled on EK were not looking for a fresh/fair start. You should probably leave your tinfoil hat at home and start being rational first before you tell others to do the same.

    So...response to "List of Issues for 6.2" by Pylinaer-KT and other threads when? I see a lot of @Cyan in that thread and I've also @Hime and @Gideon. If you can't respond, get your supervisors to respond. Gideon has posted on the forums only 5 times in ~16 months. What's going on?