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  1. Can you guys fix the stupid competition ranking?

    Best answer. It will be hilarious when everyone is 5 star officer and above.
  2. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    It's a known issue. It's #24 on Pylinaer's list of issues for 6.2: No word yet though about when it will be fixed though (if ever).
  3. Maint for this week, Broken record, or actual info?

    Yup. I'm currently playing MOBA games and only log in Aion once per week. If NC wants Aion to die nothing we can do about it. Just let it die.
  4. Locking Threads

    This is rich coming from someone who was falsely accusing people of buying their accounts, assuming that Unbeatable is way more geared than he actually is, and assuming that players that rerolled on EK were not looking for a fresh/fair start. You should probably leave your tinfoil hat at home and start being rational first before you tell others to do the same.

    So...response to "List of Issues for 6.2" by Pylinaer-KT and other threads when? I see a lot of @Cyan in that thread and I've also @Hime and @Gideon. If you can't respond, get your supervisors to respond. Gideon has posted on the forums only 5 times in ~16 months. What's going on?
  6. 6.2 - Returning Player

    Everything you mentioned has been complained about (the consensus is that 6.2 is full of problems) if you look around the forums a bit. But NCSoft hasn't fixed anything in the 2 months since 6.2 hit. So I would say no, they aren't trying to keep any players or attract new ones. I started playing Aion in 4.0 so I can especially understand your disappointment. 4.0-4.7 was the golden age of Aion for me. Comparing how Aion was then and now is no contest.
  7. Aaand this is why I've never let anyone in the Aion community know my Facebook. I don't need to know or care to know what else they do in their life and vice versa. And I don't need any potential in-game drama to spill over into real life. *insert weSmart meme*
  8. List of Issues for 6.2

    Bump x2. @Cyan@Hime@Gideon

    They are "monitoring" us (and we are monitoring their monitoring of us and concluded they haven't done nyerk all). They are also working on working on working on working on working on workingonception.
  10. ABSURD retune prices

    There's a correct middle ground that maximizes profits. If the prices are too high, nobody will buy. Common sense. Ding ding ding. U r winnar. Common sense have u
  11. This. Common sense, but common sense isn't common on these forums. NCSoft white knights to players that state they are quitting Aion: "Pff, you're quitting? What makes you think you're special? We don't need whiners like you." Also NCSoft white knights: "Aion isn't dead" or "Aion will never die." I've seen certain posters (including certain "celebrity" posters cough cough) time and again essentially tell players on the verge of quitting that they are expendable. In reality, those players were not. And now, those who defended NCSoft through awful patches and decisions saying "this is fine" or some variation are starting to see that they dug their own grave. Best entertainment in Aion now is watching whales fight each other (e.g. Mogang vs. Asian Express) and seeing what happens when big fish meets bigger fish. Sorry whales, but us normal players got tired of being punching bags. Have fun whaling on each other.
  12. Weaving Melee DPS this Patch 6.2

    Good info. Thank you.
  13. Weaving Melee DPS this Patch 6.2

    Off topic here but important: Is it crucial to have a pvp+pvp combine for pvp? Or is a pvp+pve combine not much worse? Also, how crucial is it to have a combined weapon at all?
  14. @Germ-DN How are you getting Cyan to reply to your topics? I've bumped many topics over the past month with @Cyan and never got a reply but I see he's replied to more than one topic that you've created. (At least he hasn't been deleting my posts and locking my threads though like he's been doing to other posters)
  15. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    @Ksara-DN O equipamento Lakrum Protector e Lakrum Scout é muito ruim mesmo em +15. Não use suas pedras de encantamento naquele equipamento. Compre equipamentos Ancient Vindicator dos NPCs em Lakrum usando Genesis Crystals e encante isso. O método de encantamento ideal é: Use pedras de encantamento antigas para alcançar +12. Então use as pedras lendárias para chegar a +15.