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  1. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    prices in the gold ingot shop will never line up with EK Server. So doesn't matter.
  2. Aion: Ereshkigal's Wrath Known Issues - April 3

    @Cyan Anyone mentioned anything about GP rewards not working on EK?
  3. No GP (or too little) on sieges?

    yea i also made 0 GP for siege. Some people made gp from mobs but i did not.
  4. Aion: Ereshkigal's Wrath Known Issues - April 3

    The Pandora Wings are named plume, Some of the new crafting recipes are not working... and my ranger now feels like im shooting pillows and EK still dead. Poor Aion.
  5. EK Server Situation

    That would just incorporate these things: 1. wasted money on server space and equipment and funded sources of management and jobs. 2. a very small active population with no past gear and completely fresh newborn tadpoles thrown into a tank with some bass. These bass are equipped with dragon teeth and massive gears some that were compensated for. 3. a lot of people would quit just because bass like to eat tadpoles and eventually they become extinct. That is just to name a few. These are my reasons why I think a merge for even the future would be a very bad idea. unless everyone is placed on an equal playing field all in the same pool. it would never work
  6. Aion Needs More Events

    More events are desperately needed. Weekend events or even weekly events. With all the new content coming, which could be this summer or even later, people are growing increasingly bored with the lack of content. With more and more people quitting the game everyday it feels as if even PVP content cannot hold the attention of the daily players. If The developers think that Aion mobile will be the great awakening for aion, they better hope that its a very good mobile and not another "lineage" rework. Gotta love the auto-pathing afk time wasters that throw pop-up cash offers in your face.
  7. Nice Snowball rewards for those who like PVP

    158 snowballs and counting, still not a +10. This event is making me feel like (dyeing) cause of the only reward is dye.
  8. Reset

    Sorry everyone! I got up to get a cup of hot chocolate and when I came back I tripped over the server power cord and it came unplugged. No worries I will get everything rebooted in the meantime you can contemplate how many snowballs you will have to throw before one hits the +10 mark! Happy holidays.
  9. ^.^ increase legendary guiding stone drop rate. when i can kill 300 mobs and get 15 guiding stones. there is a problem
  10. New server already dead (rant)

    The Fort buff is stupid too. Even if balaur take the fort the faction that has the buff keeps the buff and then if they win every siege for 5 days with a tier 5 buff they still keep it until it goes back down to zero. In my opinion the siege buff should disappear entirely if balaur takes fort and should go down exponentially the longer you hold the fort. if you have the fort for 2 weeks the buff should be gone entirely. The majority of the Asmo faction is now outnumbered by the Elyos faction. Last siege which was Tuesday in Lakrum we managed to get the gate down only because half the Elyos faction went to kill the balaur. Then we went back to being pushed back to outpost. Not to mention the dumb event. Just LOOK AT THIS MECHEAGLE VIDEO OPENING SNOWBALLS. What part of this event looks fun? Sorry for the rhetorical question cause the answer is: (2 snowballs a day)
  11. New server already dead (rant)

    I will play this game entirely free and tell you how long it takes to get a full set of +0 ultimate genesis crystal pvp gear. It will take me probably a year to get one piece at the rate my luck is, unless i save all my stones for an enchantment event, which i am also considering. I know of 5 legions off the top of my head that have completely disbanded and the majority of those players have left the game. If Aion is looking to retain more players they will have to find better ways to provide free incentives to stay longer. What they are doing currently isn't going to work.
  12. Snowball Event

    Should have known that snowball event would be a pay 2 win cash grab for all the players that want everything right now. Lets see how long NCsoft can milk the whales before they realize that they are making a much larger disconnect between those that pay and those that play for free. I get that the game is dying and the only way to get anything from a dying game is to beg for money. I shouldn't be surprised honestly after how long i've played aion and how often i've quit that they still use cheap tactics like "events" as opportunities to pull money from pockets. On top of all that you have to +10 snowballs? I don't even like enchanting stigmas... I'm okay with enchanting gear but the enchanting doesn't really do anything except increase damage. The development team had a golden opportunity with this game and honestly if you act like a mosquito and suck everything dry, you will be left with nothing and you will have to make other games to keep your company from going belly up. I've seen so many companies get bought out because of tactics like this. I am so nyerked off that honestly, Probably just going to sell all my stigma boxes to my almost "dead-new" server and see if i can grab as much kinah as i can for crafting. Even though i could rant for about 3000 words on how much they've taken out of the game and left us with nothing including the crafting system, what ticks me off the most about all of this is NCSOFT COULD HAVE AT THE VERY LEAST, MADE SNOWBALLS DROP WITH A VERY LOW CHANCE ON THE WHOLE LAKRUM MAP AND MADE THE EVENT LAST LONGER! Here is to hoping for a "fun" event one day. one that is both engaging and exciting and not just "oh hey look at that shugo in the tree"
  13. Any Official answer about Bugged Shugoling Event?

    If they give us this event again next year with no shugo position fix i will baby rage and poop my pants.
  14. 8 year old game doesn't get better support team, even if they paid for it. they would have to pull money out of thin air to get them hired and ready and then announce that they are about to ruin all the "free to play" players day. goodluck having any sort of community after that. People would rather pay to play on games that are newer and have much more interaction. If this game wasn't free to play everyone would be playing games that are free to play, such as fortnite or league of legends.
  15. Anamos Reset Range

    LOL they can't even figure out how to form an alliance. Server has lost more than 50% of its players in a months time. Only ones left are the whales and the try hards. everyone else is either just starting and like "oh wow this is aion" phase and the "omfg i have to farm how long to do this" and quitting phase LOL. Regardless though we have lost the boss almost everytime. Just can't get enough people to group up and pull guards and dive them.