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  1. wow , what the hell happen that the quest only gives 2 snowballs? last times i did it was like 10?? ...the rewards sucks anyways sigh no legendary pvp stones as pewards so meh no point on coming back for this event only lol
  2. you are doing the right thing..Goodbye!
  3. No, because everything they do is to screw up aion even more with anything and if we do get it it's gonna suck anyways lol
  4. yeah the current stuff going on after the maint, and the enchantment made me quit on wednesday and i dont plan on loggin on..i had 70 legendary stones and all the ancient i could get from camps and instances to try to get an item to +15..but now i have no stones left so since i wont be able to enchant my gear at all anymore nyerk it
  5. Meanwhile in Aion eu they will have like 4-5 event for december and here we get this shit lol and i love that still not even a single person from Ncsoft gives an answer and they just went thru with this in silence...
  6. this is Aion and Ncsoft that you are talking about..dont have high hopes like that
  7. nice...did you guys thought when the king appears in the event since is gonna be open world that maybe the asmodians in katalam wont be able to ever kill him? lol and how much stones does the bundle of legendary pvp stones gives? anyone knows? 1-2?
  8. suposedly we should have an event this week
  9. Snowball event next week please!! with good rewards (like tons of legendary stones or something) and the freaking snowballs be tradeable >.>
  10. Oh Nyerk I didn't thought about that..well there goes my hope for this event lol
  11. I just hope next event we get is snowball event, even if is the only next event we get and it starts like end of November or beginning of December ._.
  12. I only could get one ancient contract form last event at the end and guess what??... physical stats and attack SPD tranformation when I don't play any physical class at all
  13. the only green transformations i got were all from the box you buy with kinah, i have bought maybe like 15 contracts from the bcm and they were all whites... and i love that i always get the opposite of what my class need..i love it........................
  14. Is not that we didn't know about the event itself what we didn't know if that they let you choose an ancient contract from the 20 and 35 turn in event until it was too late, we had no idea that was even a selectable reward I got into the forums ofc for the event and randomly saw someone said you could select an ancient contract but I saw it too late I'm not always on the forums you know I read the event details when there it is a new event and that's all never did this event before neither my friends so we didn't exactly know that bundle will let you choose we just thought it was all rng so we
  15. Me and a couple of friends didn't know soon enough about the ancient contracts so neither of us got them from this event and we are returning players, I'm already discouraged on keep playing but I have to still play this s*it for 30 days cuz I got the prestige pass as bday gift lol after those 30 days I'm leaving this game again, I don't have any good tranformation only a green one that I use for spd but I haven't got a single one that has casting spd or magical stats..
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