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  1. With asmodians and elyos now sharing lakrum, I like many others have run into a very annoying problem. When trying to level or do quests, I get murdered ruthlessly by the opposite faction players who are over geared or in groups 6v1. I thought of a way to solve this. Thinking back to Sarpan and Tiamaranta, they were neutral zones with the Reian people as neutral npcs. The thought was not to make the place neutral, but the players. With one npc in the Ancient Sanctum of Life for elyos, and one in the Ancient Temple of Wisdom for asmodians. This npc would give the player the option to pay with kinah to become neutral, where the opposite faction cannot attack you, but in turn you cannot attack the opposite faction either. To avoid problems this npc is the only one that can change it both from pvp off to pvp on. Now with the siege, to make it fair when siege starts this disables, and all non-pvp players are auto back to normal, when siege ends their pve only buff is back. This is but a wish. To make those while like pve more than pvp a little happier, while those who like pvp can still pvp to their hearts' content.