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  1. I already uninstalled Aion. Xingcode 3 was just the last straw I need to convince myself that this game is over already. P2w game, lot of hackers, lot of crashes and DC. In game rewards not happening for important things, having to send tickets time after time and now they will force Xingcode 3 on us so they can (most likely) get some money from the data they steal from us and sell to some shady company (this is not confirmed, just my suspicions about this really bad program that many games are using lately). I'm done with this games for masochistic people. And yeah, I'm pretty sure many people will say "we don't care about you no playing anymore", but think about it like this, What I just said is in place of the Many, many players that will stop playing this game without saying a single word (Like all my legion mates, we all going out of this messed game). So, farewell people, I know not many players know me, if any, but for those that maybe do, I wish you good luck. May the fates let us play together in another game some day. Infinity Eight Log Off.
  2. 6.0 info

    Aion lore does not make sense anymore. Land keep appearing and disappearing out of and to nowhere. There is so little of the planet that its gravity should not be enought to keep itself together, nor any life in it. Magic? but of course. Magic strong enough to keep the planet working as a planet, not even flying away from its own sun. Logic? the Shugo took it many nyerks ago, and morphed it into money.
  3. 6.0 info

    Goodbye crafting, goodbye trade, goodbye any resemblance to players economy. Well, for me the info on 6.0 was the last thing that stop me from leaving Aion and so far Its not looking good. Will wait some more days to see if they changed things for better, but I have little hope that it would.
  4. Known Issues: Server Merge

    Hello. I have a problem trying to log in, but only with some characters, those who are in Azpel sanctuary. Can someone of support move them to another part? like they studios or something? I could log in with some of my characters that are not in the Nosvord base but as son as I got near it, the game DC me. Im from Israphel server, JuliusBelmont was the name of my main. Edit: Nevermind, I can log now.