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  1. wtf is PVP now ? are you kidding me?

    make crystals impossible elys zerg in every corner of the map, in the artifact next to our base, in the most distant, in the intermediate, and we do not speak of one or two elys without equipping, no, groups equipped with high pvp, the dredgion all premade of officers, should be all official elys or what happens? How are we going to get pve or pvp like that? What do we have left to do? poop instances where they give nothing? or instances where without a good set you have wipe assured. Elys spoiled children have it very easy, and they think they are very good and they do pvp (and they insult you in the game and laugh about killing 50 times), what they do is that a game that favors them gives them all done and we put the asmodian as their toy. Not all of us have 24 hours a day to play, some of us have life, we work, we study ... and we get to Aion and try to do something and see how they zerge you and make you bullyng, start to get tired and disgust. Unbelieve that any "people" defend that everything is fine (elys of course)

    The worst patch of aion ever seen, remove parchments and force us to become pathetic pokemons, something difficult and ugly, tatty that spends very quickly and completely imbalance the game, if you do not use that you are in slow motion by aion, BRAVO! ! BRAVO!!! , not happy take us skills and put them as they please, and if that were not enough tradeo of the broker, they give you a shit for your old team, leave only a map of shit pvp and pve? hahaha Zerg continuous, instances of shit that give shit and it only remains to become pokemon, let them kill you, become pokemon again, they kill you again, try to go to an instance turning you into pokemon, they kill you again, try improve a shitty team shit and go again, but oh! wait ... I do not have any more potions to be a pokemon, then to play in slow motion and kill zerg and back to start .... 1 damn patch crap, I vomit with the shit that has become aion. enjoy it eschatological players.