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  1. yez 7000 per week is way too much, it may be possible but requeries you to be brain dead in front of the pc farming lmao, wheres the fun in that?
  2. About the Sove acc event reward

    I just made a thread about this, its kinda weird that its supposed to be an acc box and also it has old stats Edit: Instead of that Acc we could have a leg transformation contract instead, or a ancient atleast since nc wants to make leg transformations so hard to get
  3. Vending robot machine

    The 11th annyversary event has this vending machine, the drop table is as follows: As rare loot there the sovereign acc box, but what i actually got was an unidentified sovereign mystic belt, no actual box to choose from. Is this working as intended? Also, the stats are pretty low, comparing it to a katalam belt, the kata belt is way better, a legion mate told me it is the "old sovereign" wich i dont really know about. Considering its a rare chace as the table shows, its weird that the belt sucks so much.
  4. Ive heard a lot of people saying that 4 As are failing, so i dont really buy it
  5. Bot/Hacker issues

    Ive seen people bot for HOURS at north inggi, where those drakes and elyo camp is, they bot there to farm cubics, exp or kinah, ive seen bots farm for hours materials from the canyon that crosses the map and ends near avarice fortress, it is a well known issue, many players know lots of names of botters or hackers, they have been called out ingame and even in forums and no one (between that should do, because they are paid for it) gives a shit. because some of them are friends with gms
  6. Expectancy X Reality [Aion birthday event]

    nothing actually useful
  7. Transformation Update

    hey, have you studied business? there is no "right thing to do", I dislike p2w too, but stop acting entitled lmao. NCSoft has a long time history of killing mmorpg by multiple ways. including excessive cash shop content and playerbase dividing decisions just to make them earn some pennies. They are free to nyerk their game whatever way they want because this is business and their focus is to take any decision that allows their investors to earn more money, thats it. They dont care about playerbase or any other sentimantal bullshit because that makes no money. And if you think that acting like that hurts their game because it diminishes the playerbase, thus the money coming in, you are right, but they do it because they are willing to milk any IP they have until they completely killed it, then they just shutdown the game and start another one. I wish mmorpgs were like 10 years ago, but videogame industry got too big, and the developers that loved their games and their players are off the games they created, or they voice doesnt matter. Take blizzard as example.
  8. Transformation Update

    if all the f2players left, only p2winners would be left to kill between themselves, and would get bored fast since they wont be able to 1 shot undergeared chars anymore lmao
  9. Minion Rank S Rates

    Maybe in the next patch when SS minions arrive fusing to S may be easier..... in korea, so we are nyerked anyways lmao
  10. One time per account goodies.

    BCM zzzzz
  11. [Aion 7.7] Preparing for the new update

    this, give us a fair option to convert all that time spent in something actually useful
  12. Ive had no problems with it, just the typical one time slow load after a new patch
  13. Feedback: Event Thread

    it would be a great idea, if the game wasnt so terrible balanced and so many people had such a big advantage on other players Its just that these kind of forum replies are so nyerking stupid bro, this clown says there should be more access to leg transform and then provides no actual solutions to it -.-
  14. Feedback: Event Thread

    You talk about more legendary transform and yet you only include a 62 type scroll wich is mostly normal and uncommon stuff, really? Your idea is stupid as shit. What we really need is actual access to legendary transformations, not some shitty 62 types scrolls that we can already obtain lmao. Also, bringing back the same events as before but with "updated rewards" is just lazy ass game development. We should have events where the rng isnt the main factor, nightmare coins let you choose what you want to buy, thats what this game needs, not more dumb chests with low chances to the actual prizes.
  15. Feedback: Event Thread

    the game is balanced AND heavily relies on having atleast a legendary transformation that suits your class, make them more acceisble through hard but not impposible work