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  1. Upheaval: The Daeva of Disaster's Disaster

    This was the best story EVER!
  2. Spiritmaster Spirits

    What is the best spirit to use, and when? Lots of people are telling me different things, and I wanted some "professional" input. (Not to be rude or anything)
  3. Noob SM Need additional help

    Yeah I'm wearing fledgling I'm level 40
  4. Noob SM Need additional help

    Hello guys, I just started playing Sm (I'm level 33) but it doesn't seem like I'm doing very much damage, is there any way or just a combination of skills I can use to boost that up?
  5. PvP Gearing for New Players?

    How to do get the boundless gear?
  6. Ranger Status at 5.6 [PVPVE]

    Hey Guys! I'm a new ranger (still in the leveling process) and I was wondering if there was an easier way to farm ap. I was told that you need a lot for the prime bow, and just needed a little extra help. Also what manastones do I socket into it? (PVP) Thanks for all your help -Sepham-IS