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  1. No event? fine. How about at least some sort of acknowledgement to the multiple threads regarding the 7.7 patch and how broken this game is in the west?? That you will take a look at the issues and lie to us about looking into them? That is at least what we have grown to expect. Maybe create a poll or survey either here or better yet in game to see what issues we (your customers) feel is the most important?
  2. everything in this post is 100000000000000000000000% what everyone is mad about. @Loki @Kibbelz you guys really need to pay attention to this. Gear is the most important thing in the game and this new system is complete garbage. There is no really good way to get AP anymore you guys have already nerfed the hell out of that. The old maps are dead because no reward really anymore other than XP. Since you have already made so many adjustments to our version of the game when you look at everything as a whole the state of our version is completely broken. I know a lot of people that have q
  3. Anyone figure out how to do this? I can run one with the new one and one with the old one for now but im trying to figure out how to run 2 with the new one for when they disbale the old launcher. When you try to run a second game client it says it is already running..
  4. @Kibbelz @Loki You guys really need to just top the renown deduction until you figure out how to fix it but also not only that you need to MAKE ADJUSTMENTS! My suspicion is that the renown reductions are higher in Korea because of things like auto hunting... Fix this now before more people quit, there are some new games around the corner and you guys don't have much time to get your shit in order.
  5. @Loki Does that mean you guys are going to extend the event by a week to give us all enough time to craft what we need? losing 7 days on each toon with the 20h cd crafts is a big impact on each character.
  6. I think they should still have some kind of reduction each week so that it makes people play the game and not afk in town all day. But i do agree that the current deductions are way to high. I think something along the lines or 200k FXP at the higher levels is probably the high end to me.
  7. @Loki @KibbelzSo....will there be any compensation for this instance being down for an extended period or time? Right now Experience is hard to come by so losing the experience each day which means less Marks to use for progression. On top of that many people still are trying to get ultimate xforms and other things that SAS was the best source of those needed items to upgrade skills, gear etc.. The only way to get an ultimate xform is to get more legendary xforms and pray to the RNG gods...With this instance now removed it is one less way for those of us that don't have $1,000's to spend on
  8. It's all instances not just Red Cellar, Minimum Vault, depending on your level of gear it makes a bigger difference for some than others.
  9. Can we maybe split the siege time into 2 different times, say inggy/divine/gelk siege at one time and the prad/silona seige an hour later? this might actually create a situation where one of the cross server forts actually gets captured?
  10. maybe at this point just combine to one server? not fair to KT to have these issues each week and not fair to DN cause they keep getting double the instances and more importantly the vendor resets on critical items enchant stones and tickets.
  11. @Loki that is good new, i decided i'm not going to log back in today to see if that avoids the double hit this week. Are you guys going to fix everyone that lost double each week since patch? I'm assuming you have a way to pull up the logs and see which characters were impacted and give them back the extra renown that was taken away?
  12. yes i was online at the time of the noon reset and then logged off around 12:30, i was mostly afk working so i never left Inggy main city. I logged back on around 7pm server time and when i logged back in still in the main city i saw the second reduction.
  13. so is it a bug then? I'm assuming once you figure it out you will give us the extra renown back or are we just sol?
  14. yes it dropped was in the main city logged out not long after it dropped, wrote down the numbers, then when i logged in little while ago still in the main city it dropped again at login.
  15. well i was in inggison both times i didn't leave the main city until after it happened the second time. that's 2 weeks in a row.
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