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  1. It's all instances not just Red Cellar, Minimum Vault, depending on your level of gear it makes a bigger difference for some than others.
  2. Siege Schedule Poll

    Can we maybe split the siege time into 2 different times, say inggy/divine/gelk siege at one time and the prad/silona seige an hour later? this might actually create a situation where one of the cross server forts actually gets captured?
  3. Renown system Broken?

    @Loki Can you post for us how much renown is supposed to drop as a % for each lvl every Monday? It has been 2 weeks now where my renown has gone down twice on Mondays. My renown at the start of the day: Inggison LVL 5 with 89.94% Lakrum LVL 6 with 30.5% Demaha LVL 5 with 37.58% Crimson Katalam LVL 3 with 49.75% Around noon server time it dropped to the following levels: Inggison LVL 5 with 53.2% Lakrum LVL 6 with 10.16% Demaha LVL 5 with 0.96% Crimson Katalam LVL 3 with 40.69% Around 7pm server time it dropped again to these levels: Inggison LVL 5 with 16.60% Lakrum LVL 5 with 81.66% Demaha LVL 4 with 39.42% Crimson Katalam LVL 3 with 31.65% I get that renown decays each week but losing this much seems broken. Can you please confirm if this is a bug or not and then please list how much each lvl is supposed to decay in % so we can verify it is working as intended? btw I did submit a ticket last week and they told me that renown goes down when you are killed and that visiting a soul healer will restore it..
  4. Bugged again

    maybe at this point just combine to one server? not fair to KT to have these issues each week and not fair to DN cause they keep getting double the instances and more importantly the vendor resets on critical items enchant stones and tickets.
  5. Got hit with weekly renown deduction TWICE within the same hour!

    @Loki that is good new, i decided i'm not going to log back in today to see if that avoids the double hit this week. Are you guys going to fix everyone that lost double each week since patch? I'm assuming you have a way to pull up the logs and see which characters were impacted and give them back the extra renown that was taken away?
  6. Renown system Broken?

    yes i was online at the time of the noon reset and then logged off around 12:30, i was mostly afk working so i never left Inggy main city. I logged back on around 7pm server time and when i logged back in still in the main city i saw the second reduction.
  7. Renown system Broken?

    so is it a bug then? I'm assuming once you figure it out you will give us the extra renown back or are we just sol?
  8. Renown system Broken?

    yes it dropped was in the main city logged out not long after it dropped, wrote down the numbers, then when i logged in little while ago still in the main city it dropped again at login.
  9. Renown system Broken?

    well i was in inggison both times i didn't leave the main city until after it happened the second time. that's 2 weeks in a row.
  10. Got hit with weekly renown deduction TWICE within the same hour!

    This happened to me as well yesterday, I got hit with the renown drop twice i noticed the drop when i first logged in and then when i logged in later i noticed it went down again. I submitted a ticket and they responded to me that per the patch notes renown points can be reduced anytime you are killed by a monster and that they can be recovered by visiting a soul healer...he then checked my logs and saw that i was killed by the alter 12 head priest at last nights alter siege which was hours after the renown was taken out twice. Also i guess that is a new feature that if the alter priest kills you it takes all of your renown not just from Demaha....@loki please help.
  11. Countless posts about Stigmas

    correct, you would see the other successes in between so if at 13 it failed and went back down to 12 then you would see a 13 again so it would look something like this 10>11>12>13>13>14>15. this person went 10-15 without any other notifications in between.
  12. Countless posts about Stigmas

    I don't even understand the rates i saw today someone from DN based on the notifications went from 10>10>10>10>11>12>13>14>15 on a glacial shard. How is that even possible? I took a screenshot but I'm not technical enough to figure out how to post it here. I understand though that there could have been a few in there that were not success but remained the same..but whats the odds on going from 9-15 without a fail (decrease)?
  13. Servers up?

    Is anyone logged in and playing right now? I was disconnected from the server and since the update/login server appears to be down. At first i couldn't even log in to the forums to post either until about 45 min ago.

    this has happened at least once a week each week for at least the past month and a half and with the current events going on it has given KT the opportunity to run instances more than those of us on DN..are you guys going to fix this anytime soon?? I get that it needs to be reset but it is also giving the KT server an advantage over us on DN which normally wouldn't matter except now we have all of these zones that are cross server..just my 2 cents.
  15. Winds of Change BOS should be Class only

    Don't worry they will talk with the devs and have a fix in place by May 28th.. just be patient I'm sure everything will work out!
  16. Enchant rate again and again.

    something does seem off about enchant stones on stigmas from 4-9. much harder now to get to plus 9 consistently than a couple of months ago.
  17. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    @cyan Characters on accounts who were inadvertently actioned despite having used Luna to offset their additional entries were also sent these rewards. So i was "actioned" because i maybe had 4-6 extra entries that i was unable top spend luna on while during this time period if i wasn't kicked i spent luna to do 4-6 entries a week. When i was given a 24hour suspension over this i felt that given the lack of interaction in this game from you guys and the way the email was worded i didn't dispute it and figured whatever, nothing will change. Does this bullet in your post mean people who did what i did are automatically in this bucket or did i have to actually complain at the time? If you went through the logs on my account every time i was able to spend luna i did and would have for the runs i was unable to spend luna on..I even bought luna just for this purpose and was obviously unable to spend what i would have liked to.
  18. Stigma Enchantment Stones Success Rates (Korea)

    maybe it's just my bad RNG luck...but it seems that it is much worse to enchant a stigma to 9 since the patch. I just went through 50 stones and (3 stigmas) to take a stigma from 7 to 9..and ended back at 7 at the end..at one point it got so low i used stigmas to enchant cause it didn't seem worth it to go from 1-2...with a stone. out of all the success and failures i only had 3 remains the same and none greater than 1 on the success. I can't even imagine what it would look like to get to 15..
  19. @cyan as if asmos abusing kisk bug wasnt enuf

    Just my 2 cents here, if Odin wanted to help us he would have knocked down the gate say 5 min earlier which would have given us a chance to wipe the asmos on the boss. instead he knocked down the gate right after the main asmo force wiped most of us a min or so before nod killed the boss.
  20. New map too big for NA aion

    everyone would be leveling a vandal right now if we had our additional character slots..
  21. New class

    or create it today to secure your name lvl it to 9 and then create another one tomorrow to delete later..assuming you have Pass to get additional slots tomorrow.
  22. CoE Shugo?

    Don't worry I'm sure they will add the ancient book to the BCM just in time for 7.0 so everyone wanting to make a new alt painter will have to spend real money.
  23. Your Painter's name

  24. Feedback to comunity

    All Cyan does is post weekly post, respond to 1-2 irrelevant posts. lock a few other posts and poof gone cya Tuesday night, rinse and repeat. I wish I could just work 30 min a week. Isn't the job of the community manager to "interact" with the community? bottom line is no one should be surprised at this point it's crickets on just about anything the majority of the players are asking for answers about.
  25. Drop rates?

    Is it just me or do the drop rates seem really bad compared to prior to the server wide buffs? I've been farming for crafting mats to make more fragments and while last few weeks were good ive noticed that the drop rates seem to be worse than before. Last few weeks with server wide buff were great but now its hard to justify any time for farming...