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  1. Im returning again and got into a 1v1. I outplayed them but had no chance cuz of gear... (Proof: i.imgur.com/M2I3LYu.png) What is baseline gear that you need to do damage in PvP because this is just ridiculous..........
  2. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I've been playing since the new patch has come out with a fresh new character. I have no compensation gear. The enhancement rate is so incredibly low that I have been forced into a decision of if it is worth playing this game now and since this is my third week of dumping all my enhancement stones (Ancient PvP and Legendary PvP) into my bow only to get +10. This is extremely demotivating. People who received free compensation gear are currently in a 'unkillable god state' because they take no damage, have high resist and evasion rates. This also puts them in a place of even if they are outplayed they are unkillable. In this patch gear is now more important than anything else unlike in previous patches (i cannot speak about 5.X as i did not play). In 4.0 I was able to run around in my +5 ancient coin gear with bloodmark combine and accessory and have a chance to kill anyone i saw. Now their is no chance and there is nothing that i can do about it besides do all my instances/weekly quests and hope it doesn't fail (which it does every time). I know this is not just my own personal experience and everyone i've talked to has the same situation. If nothing is done about this enhancement rate, i will be unable to play this game that I use to enjoy so much. Will anything be done about this enhancement rate?
  3. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    But thats what this buff did. It gave us a chance to take a fort that otherwise we would not be able to take. You sound quite entitled to this fort. Why is that?
  4. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    If you legitimately think that 1 faction holding the fort permanently is a good idea. You need some milk.
  5. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    imagine being mad about losing a fort
  6. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    before this most recent change, i had 140k hp and id be blown up by elyos within a second if i got stunned/pulled. Imagine getting 2x the reward for just picking the overpopulated faction.
  7. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    @Cyan Is there any other info/news that you could update us with please?
  8. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Those lucky people are people who have compensation gear. They would have stocked up on omegas and temperings before this patch. Also, anything ancient is not good. +15 ancient is beginner gear, if you want to have a chance in PvP you will need to get like +10 legendary.
  9. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I know that feeling ahaha i checked my ping last siege, i was at 2k ping FBM
  10. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    This give ultimate PvE stones though doesn't it? I'm not doubting you but could you show me the stats on ur PA, id like to compare it to the crafted PvP one so i could get an idea of the difference of endgame PvP gear
  11. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    ill take 20million please
  12. Wonky Eyeballs - Color Change After Patch

    Imagine caring what your char looks like!
  13. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    So you have compensation gear is what i can tell from this. I do all my weekly camps, I do ALL pvp instances, i do all content to get stones this patch. I do grind for mats, ive got about 8 gold proc bows for when i hit 200 aetherforging. You seem to be missing the point im making, with my current gear, anyone who has compensation gear could walk up to and kill me easily. This happens when im grinding all the time. Seeing 100's coming up from my stunning/rupture on cloths is more demotivating than you think. The only way that gets better for players without compensation gear is with enhancing and purifying. But for me thats not an option as im not carried by RNG.
  14. P2w players

    People love throwing this word around 'Pay 2 Win' however + up stigmas are not p2w (At least in my opinion as it only changed small details like cooldown/mp cost). In terms of the cash shop, i think NC did well apart from the contracts. The contracts are definitely much more of an issue than the stigmas. Lucky Hand is 400 PvE atk and 300PvE def. Unless you are an NPC you are unaffected.
  15. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I understand them giving people compensation gear, but if they are going to give them end game gear whats the point? Since im a new player im stuck in the issue of this. I cannot afford to buy mats to enchance. I didnt have any temperings or omegas to turn in so I didnt get any extra stones. I have nothing. There are people that i have come across that are legitimately unkillable. I was in a group of 5 people (We were in quest gear/ancient genesis crystal) we were 2 clerics + 2 sorc + sm. The sorc would heal more with pots than the damage we could do. The consistent resist/dodges. Even when the sm was able to get a fear chain off, we still didnt have enough damage to kill him before the chain was over. Now saying that we need to wait to get gear I can understand, but if gear does THIS much in pvp that is not. I already said in 4.X i made a new ranger, put only ancient coin gear on it with bm combine and bm accessory. I would kill people all day no issue. With this gear i actually have to run from some people.
  16. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I dont play on my glad, i just did it to prove a point (My main is ranger)
  17. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Yeah. I'm not doing what he is doing in the video. I'm doing the exact same thing and you. Every single stone I've gotten so far has been used go try and +15 my bow. After every siege/pvp instance I throw them at my bow. It sucks can you throw some of that rng my way please ahahah It just makes it feel worse since I've only got the armour set +0 quest accessories. I've legitimately thrown all my pvp (ancient and legendary) at this bow. Only to have it +10. The feeling of progression is nonexistent.
  18. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Sounds like you started with compensation gear. Get some new ancient gear and dont use anything you got for turning in from the new patch. Then you will see how it actually feels
  19. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    That also brings me to another question. Why is the chance to get a +15 ultimate higher with legendary stones. than an ancient +15 with ancient stones???
  20. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    You are a statistical anomaly. you should buy a lottery ticket with that rng! your chance to get from +10 to +15 with legendary stones is 1.3% EDIT
  21. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    @Cyan What is your view on this issue?
  22. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    It should be easy to get up to the same level that the compensation gear players. It should be easy to get +15 Ancient gear at the very least since +10-+13 ancient gear vs comp gear is a non contest. Also I bet you bought some of those L110 Stones and didnt get like 3 -5 a week depending on your luck.
  23. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    Ignoring and issue and hoping it goes away would be the worst thing to do. Both NA and EU decided to destroy the enhancement rate from what Korea has. Also we can 100% say the enhancement rate is unfair. Others have compensation gear which is +10/+15 Legendary. At this point they dont need to do any enhancing because they are unkillable. If ALL players were given the same compensation gear or the compensation gear was +15 non purifyable then it would be much more fair. If this was the case you would also see A LOT more people complaining about the enhancement rate.
  24. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    What they need to do is balance it. So if the nerf the success rate, increase the number of stones you get by the same rate. So instead of getting 1 purple PvP stone from siege, we should get 20 or so. Then we might have a chance at enhancing. Especially since non ancient PvP stones are locked behind time (siege/PvP instances)
  25. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    I would say yes to P2W however that isnt even an option when it comes to PvP enchantment stones This was ALL of the enchantment stones from new character quests and weekly artifacts