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  1. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    I know that CMs are typically leashed, figuratively, and there is only so far that they can go when it comes to dissemination of information, but I really hope you understand how frustrated people are with how vauge a reply like this is - Yes, you mentioned that it's before the 6.5 patch, but the fact that nobody knows when that patch is even happening(and the fact that it usually takes months, verging on years at times, to get patches released for Korea) just feels like the carrot on the stick was swapped out for one that was just a tiny bit larger than the one before. Nevermind the fact that there are several issues that the community wants to see addressed, and they were left completely unanswered. Again, you likely have limits as to what you're allowed to say, if not know, but come on man. Put yourself in the shoes of the paying customer and imagine how the lack of an opaque/solid timeline would be aggravating, when you are investing in the game daily/monthly/weekly. It's a somewhat silly comparison, but this is one of the core reasons why bigger MMOs have flourishing communities that aren't perpetually carrying pitchforks and torches - They communicate with their playerbase in a clear, concise manner. I mean, you have to know by now that the NCSOON thing was born from this type of approach, in the first place. If not, then holy shit dude.
  2. Sharpen Arrows

    Related directly to the title, I've been doing a bit of testing with the Ranger Stigma ability, Sharpen Arrows. The ability itself says "Increases Bow Damage by 10% and increases evasion by 50. However, the MP cost of skills increases by 10%." I can confirm that the evasion increase is working as the skill states, and my main hand weapon damage foes from 547 to 587 when I activate the skill. However, when I went out to test damage on multiple targets(Dummies of all levels and monsters ranging from level 1 to 80) I saw absolutely no increase in average damage on auto-attacks, auto-attack criticals, skill damage(mainly used Deadshot for testing) or skill criticals. I know it's not the largest sample size, but I tested roughly 500 auto-attacks with the skill both on and off, then averaged damage from 200 auto-attack criticals, again with the skill both on and off. 500 Deadshots with it both on and off, and 300 Deadshot Criticals with it both on and off, and saw no increase in average damage whatsoever, under any circumstance. Maybe I'm missing some information, or perhaps the tooltip is wrong, but I felt this was worth reporting, just in case there is something wrong with the ability itself. Sharpen Arrows is a stigma ability, and if there is indeed something wrong with it, I would like to remove it from my bar. (Of course, since my testing turned up a zero damage increase, it's coming off regardless, until someone explains to me what either I'm doing wrong, or what's wrong with the ability itself.)