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  1. yes please theres 8 bosses and 5 levels of attack and defense on each of them, and 1 level requires 180 cubics so please have them in large amounts and selectable, this item shouldnt be rare at all
  2. this isnt even an event because the rewards are actually 10x worse than the game of fate which is in the game perma, why is it so difficult to just enable events that actually make sense? tradeable selectable manastones havent been in the game ever (5 doesnt count because 3 of them are probably failing and you need to socket 17 items) where are the Fire temple, daeva dash shugo tomb events where you actually do something rather than clicking an npc and getting nothing for 3 weeks? @Cyan :)))))))))?
  3. @Cyan THESE EVENTS GIVE NOTHING AND REQUIRE YOU TO DO NOTHING AND CANNOT BE FARMED Can we please go back to the fun events where you actually had to do stuff to get rewards, such as fire temple, kumuki and daeva dash from 5.8. More of these events where alt characters are useful to do events in your free time (make the event currency tradeable and/or items from events tradeable) P.s it’s been 16 months or so and we have had no event that gives more than 5 manastones by the end of it which won’t even socket 1/17 items. In 5.8 I can walk to the broker and buy a selectable +12 mana
  4. so much for 5.x style events @Cyan ha didnt you realise every event you ever did in 6.x was dogsh!t and we asked for 5.x style events which was confirmed by gideons voice on your stream, now you made the events like 5.x where you can use alts and you say its a bug and revert it? yikes hope the 10th anniversary events are better!!!!!!!
  5. An issue where Cauldron Coins could be sold on the Trade Broker will be fixed. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO HAVE NICE THINGS?
  6. nice cyan im glad you listened to my letter
  7. @Cyan EC gives old ridium and not the new etium, fix before next EC plz
  8. @Cyannothing about the extendable world bosses in demawhatever its called
  9. nah I only lost to a cleric twice in arena this patch, however what im saying isn't wrong and ill give it a week before everyone is in tears about painter
  10. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what happens when they rs a stun, have 8 second rs buff, 15 second modor buff, 10sec resistance buff, rs is up again by then so your logic of stunlocking is irrelevant, you don't need silence when you have a 50% cast/attakc speed reduction on a main skill chain for whatever reason. I would trade all my stuns to be invincible and kill people by being afk, if even 1 of my stuns fail to stun through anything I just auto lose
  11. what you're really not understanding is its not balanced to be unkillable and do damage at the same time; aka right now, its a little more balanced and makes clerics killable in whatever update korea has which you seem to like giving as an example, where you use sacrificial power and have negative heal boost, or use benevolence and have basically no magic attack, you shouldnt be able to do both at once lol
  12. @Cyanwhen will we get pf hard mode then If not at the start :thinking:
  13. im glad you completely disregarded what i said about your korean glad comment but ok, whoosh
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