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  1. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    But i don't think this applies to you sneak, since you insisted on using 1 dagger
  2. haha hey boiz

    fhanks thyan!!
  3. haha hey boiz

    Thanks for the idea emu, last time we listened to your suggestion on morphing enchantment stones the community was very pleased!!! we will be sure to work on these issues in the VERY NEAR future!!!
  4. haha hey boiz

    haha good idea i think merging all 3 servers into one is a good start, and if you actually want to make money from the cash shop, please let us spend money!!! plenty of people will buy legendary pvp enchantment stones $1 each if you just put them on the bcm!!! no one wants to buy skins either when you cant see them because transparent scrolls for a month cost more than a legendary transform!!! tl:dr server merge!!! money = PVP enchantment stones!!!! transparent scrolls for FREE!!!! skins no!!!!! events with rewards that arent the same as the last 5 and useless yes!!!! daeva dash event with pvp enchantment stones/fighting spirit fragments and ap yes!!!!
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 6, 2019

    just make the transparent transformation option use the same scroll as non transparent, can fix it with 1 line of code 3Head, or if you really want us to swipe for the transparent scrolls at least make them $5 = 1000 instead of $5 = 25, with the nerfed duration of transforms you're asking us to spend $40 a day on transforms, i dont get how that pricing makes nearly any sense whatsoever
  6. sorry to be that guy but i dont think any of us with ultimate gear were begging for enchant rates on yellow gear? the update did nothing for us
  7. yeah uh i failed 8x 14-15 on my ulti plume and 2x 14-15 on my top can stick that 52% up your ass/i was 11/14 success with ulti stones on ulti gear before you "updated" the enchant rates ^_^?
  8. Takes 6 years to get 5 star Officer now?

    6.5 your total gp doesnt matter, your rank is decided monthly based off of how much gp you gained per month iirc
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Solid, do you know what the pricing of the shards will actually be though? hopefully 16,000 kinah per 1000 shards with no weekly limit, haha nvm you already answered it my bad my bad
  10. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    any eta and on shard fix? ~.~
  11. Server transfers

    when will they be back open for kt and dn??
  12. FIX arena ranking

  13. haha jk lost hope in ncwest, bunch of memes cant even put power shards for the regular price in 2 months
  14. yeah it really does blow my mind how a company based around making money doesnt actually pet people spend money on the game h-ha? X D j-just put the $100 100 purple stones 3 red stones bundle on the store? X D
  15. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188071328 ultimate pvp stone 150 gems hello why is that not there? @Cyan https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188071330 legend pvp stone 30 gems why is that not there?
  16. i also hope the price is going to be changed to the exact price in that picture or people are still going to complain
  17. its been 5 weeks tho @Cyan
  18. someone post the power shard picture so i can copy it please
  19. Gear Disparity current patch

    fire up that stream aeros miss ya
  20. Competition ranking

    Why is this still not fixed even after we missed a whole season + the start of the new one?
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    even those eu teeth could figure this one out but PoWeR shArDs aRe RaRe AnD sO aRe iNviSIblE TrAnsForm ScrOlLs
  22. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    it really really is not that hard

    lol you think nerfing dizzying ambush i swiped for will stop the mogang from dismantling these single moms on aiononline, just a minor setback for mr roach and i, i'll be watching you sneaky lads from now on, be waiting for the 6.5 version of daeva skills if you gonna jack that from us