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  1. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    You right, we messed up on the last artifact... But even if we would have activated it, it only would've made you unable to do anything for 20 secs, and let me tell you we wouldn't be able to wipe all of you in that period of time, even if we did.. You guys would've just pushed back in the fort and wiped us before we could burn down the diety. As for open world, both factions will get zerged at some point, thats just how aion is. All I'm saying, I hope we start seeing more numbers on our side instead of losing some.
  2. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    The only reason you would be writing this is because you're asmo, so I assume you are. And yes numbers do matter, try matching our numbers for a siege and find out. And there wasnt 250 asmos? What does a full league of 192 and 3 more alliances make? Oh and wait, the white names that want "more" gp, regardless if its 230, 240, 250... w/e it doubles and sometimes even more our numbers. And you guys think we have even numbers lmao, thats only because our 130-150 elyos can wipe your league and those few more alliances yall got. 😆
  3. NA - Ereshkigal [NEW]- Unbalanced Factions.

    Wait, did you say even numbers? When and where?! The most we've ever had was 150 ish, the siege you are talking about we had 130, compared to about 250+ of yours, but im not hating, just another f@ck up by ncsoft balancing, oh well, saw this coming.