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  1. that is the lv65 ap cloth gear from kaisinel academy/marchutan priory (the ely version is blue the asmo is pink)
  2. You must've forgotten EU just recently started getting good events, back then their events were worse. And also we had dash/eye/sft for almost 1-1 month each and before that kumuki rotation as well... and next maint we supposedly gonna get kumuki again... what's the point always launching good events? To get top tier gear in a week then afk at iluma/norsvold base since you have no more reason to do anything?
  3. Since Divine is still a thing in 6.0 let's talk about the siege part, and how Mirash entrance inside the fortress helps to kill Orissan without even touching the gate. Correct me if I'm wrong but this "feature" shouldn't even exist. (first 3 mins)
  4. you have to wait till the end of the maintance
  5. playing aion since 3.0 and still waiting for actual legion or "account" house/studio would be fun
  6. Administration boons exist for a reason, and a few thousand kinah for soul healing won't kill anyone. It'd be just way too easy and comfortable to remove ss even if it'd be only for limited time.
  7. Oh, so it's because of transfer, thank you so much, now I know there's a chance that after weekly reset it'll be solved and yeah it isn't the worst bug at least
  8. already sent a ticket after posting here, so now waiting
  9. I'm wondering why we getting ancient coin (and such a low amount) via this event
  10. well since sw has decent heal, it doesnt really need a cleric to survive don't pick classes in such a way (dont pick the usual 1 heal 1 dps 1 tank type of trio), play what you enjoy, if you all know how to play your class, then the type of your class doesn't matter and... maybe you'll hate this idea, but I'll be honest if you forgot how to play either your class or whole aion, start a new character, to learn the mechanics all over again you have experience, so you won't be as lost as the new players, and lvling is really fast, but it worth to see the changes in the game and so you'l
  11. you still get the "quest items", when you kill the omens with those charms, even if you already finished the quest
  12. I tried to do crucible challenge after today's maintance. The instance itself reseted as it supposed to, but after I entered I couldn't start it from the first floor. Relog didn't solve it, so -1 try (not that I mind that), but before this wasn't an issue, I could start it from floor 1. So did I miss something about changing the reset system or is it a bug?
  13. transfers, switching the old events with the new one, some bug fixing, preparing to merge, 64bit... they'll become shorter soon, but there're lots of things need to be done recently
  14. new weaps are unnecessary, there are muuuuch more thing they need to focus and fix instead of this btw more weaps would be so much pain tbh, I'm a cleric so I'm using 3 weaps (2 staff for pvpve and a mace to heal) if they'd give me one more weapon type (and ofc using 1 for pvp and 1 for pve just like I do with my staffs) I'd struggle so much, idians, manastones, enchantment stones/omegas,godstones, condition... it'd be just too much waste, we have weapons we can work with just fine i love new ideas when it comes to gaming but... yeah, however... maybe it'd be intresting if they'd use
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