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  1. Most likely the craftable gear is gona be worse than the items you get through dungeons/pvp or i might be wrong. But hey better to level up aetherforging than spending your time and kinah on items rn thats going to be useless later
  2. https://imgur.com/a/Y1xLF Pm me and ill give you a list of what to efficiently craft 0-300. Unfortunate there's no more crafting boost event atm though.
  3. Just wanted to know if socketing full precision is better than power? I think I saw a post somewhere that our skills do more dmg with crit multiplier so is it just better to socket full precision and max out our crit? What is the benefit of having more attack than crit on a ranger? Any insights or answers would be appreciated, Thanks!
  4. Honestly, what's the big rush? Like you said 75's aren't rare anymore just take your time and enjoy other in-game content! I know its a pain and you want to get leveling over with but as you casually play the game the exp casually comes in also I just log in to do luna, daily quests, a few instance runs and before I knew it I'm already almost 74. Granted it took about a month but at this point it honestly doesn't even really matter. Is there something you wish to do specifically after hitting 75?
  5. nonetheless 22.6% pvp -,- so is the box random or can we choose from it?
  6. 540-689 base attack + 22.6% pvp attk? GGWPOPOPOPOPOPOP seriously this is some bullsh* can you choose the weapon from the box tho? or is it random
  7. wtf these caeus items are better #p2wftw -.-
  8. i think we get that 200% on march 21st
  9. I agree, just remove the cap! Let people who have thousands of supplements just sell them for unlimited amount of kinah
  10. What specs do we need to have to run aion smoothly with avg 60 fps? I currently have an i5 7400, 8gb ddr4 ram, gtx 1060 does the size of your monitor affect fps too?
  11. I've been hearing they're getting rid of it now, have i been wasting my time?
  12. so characters created before they gave this out cant receive it?
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