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  1. They were always on TM. If you read my post they came back to the game after I transferred. I transferred in hopes of trying to meet people in order to enjoy the game as every MMO player knows it's the people that help make the game better. Forgive me for actually wanting to enjoy the game.
  2. @Cheesecake-IS TM was open last night. Please don't always believe everything you read on the internet. Is this supposed to be funny? Tears are salty AF, thats nasty.
  3. @everyone saying TM is closed obviously didn't look last night before server transfer. Please, fact check before coming here and trying to educate me if you have zero clue what you are talking about. And yes, it is a small gesture. I've worked with devs and unless NCsoft has some crazy way of doing things, a transfer is not complicated at all. I am very aware that the servers are merging yet that does not help me playing with my close friends now when we still do not have a date for merg. It has been pushed back once what is to say it wont again?
  4. I wanted off SL so I was going to transfer anyways. But to not assist with friends getting together is crazy imo. And no, they pushed merges back till October last I heard.
  5. So I transfered to IS in the hopes of more players. My friends decide to come back 3 days after and ask me to xfer to TM. So i attempt to have NCsoft remove my 30 days so I can actually enjoy the game and play yet they cannot assist at all. i have to wait the entire 30 and hope that TM is open again to be able to play. yes, i am complaining that they couldn't do a small gesture to keep a player. So so sad their customer service.
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