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  1. New Patch Thoughts

    1. NcSoft lacks imagination as at entry video used the figure of Shillen, Goddess of Death of Lineage 2. At least we laughed. 2. Merge asmodians and elyos into 1 region, so ppl can't do easily quests, force them to create parties to handle the incoming enemies and also force them to pvp, like it's a pvp server, while some ppl like only to pve. Some ppl gonna quit for sure. 3. Force ppl to do everything in parties pve and pvp, while previous patch was mostly solo. 4. Be in a Legion is useless. Only helpful on sieges. 5. Instances are impossible to do with the genesis gear that game offers and I still wonder how can a new player have a nice gear so he can be invited to party for instances. Nobody wants a player with genesis gear, but you can't have a better one if you can't enter instances. Logic just died. 6. You turned Aion into Lineage. You are trying to make ppl create CPs to xp at weeklies and instances and pvp. Maybe next thing is put some reputation points at legions so our existance at them have a meaning and next thing I guess is pay to win. Good luck.
  2. Is this a social game?

    It's not. Everybody solo quest and they group only if needed. I see no ppl making parties for instances and be at a legion is useless, except siege.