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  1. You may just be right Meta. In which case I will take my time to grow in strength and wait to destroy Ereshkigal and about a new life for all Daevas.
  2. I hope it will be sooner than a year. AION is one of my most favorite games to play and it hurts my very soul to see it torn apart because the develpers fell for those hellish feinds who said the game was too difficult. Please. To ANY deveopers reading this. Please. Bring back the old way. It wasn't too difficult. It was just right. It was an MMO for the ages.
  3. So I started playing this game earlier this year. I loved it. It was filled to the brim with quests and places to explore. Lots of things to craft and skills you could work on. I take a five month siesta, and come back to this?! Now AION feels empty. Pandemonium has unused areas now. And the leveling is way to friggan easy. I got to lvl 33 in a manner of 4 measly hours. This is an MMORPG people. What happened to the challange. The adventure. The fun of getting your butt kicked, getting pissed off at an NPC and coming back to life just to give him a bullet in his brain box. I can't believe peop
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