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  1. NPC event missing.

    The resets are in the Gold Sand Traders for gold bars, looks like 2 a day or something. Not even worth the gold bars imo since the prizes are crap and you can barely do this instance without gear.
  2. sudden server shutdown

    WTF, give us back our cake!!!
  3. What's wrong with SFT?

    Had probs as well...even had the sound completely cut out for all 3 players in the instance at the same time, it's def messed up this time around
  4. Please bring asmo claws and manes back...

    You still have the option for a mane in the character creator >.> Not really worth quitting over but ok, lol
  5. Code Red NPCs Missing

    First we get no nurse, then we get the wrong nurse >.> This is getting pretty ridiculous..