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  1. NcWest Consider This Please

    I dont know the coding requirements to do this, but would it ever be possible to make crafted gear and guiding stones able to be placed in the account warehouse? I am coming up on having 8 80s due to lack of other things to truly do without spending alot of luna and would like to be able to utilize one character to craft for them all. @Cyan atleast a response on this would be helpful. there has been alot of talk of wanting this capability for a bit in my legion.
  2. Crucible

    What is the highest level currently cleared in the Crucible?
  3. Merge Ereshkigal with KT or DN then launch Aion : Restart

    If they merge EK. 80% of the players will quit due to compensation gear. Itll be a huge issue.
  4. Forgot Aion's Chosen

    I cant seem to locate the title Aions Chosen that was supposed to be for sale this week on bcm. was this a mistake? Nvm I found it. but you have to search it in the window. you forgot to add in the actual icons in the bcm.
  5. Account Warehouse

    is there truly a purpose for this anymore? We need to be able to put crafted gear and kinah into this in order to actually make use of it. if I want to craft gear for my own characters. I have to buy it from myself and pay taxes on it through the broker? how is that worthwhile? I now have to level and grind on each of my toons individually like they are opponents for my time on this game? Please correct this issue. it seems as though you simply want players to only play one character only. I dont care if I cant trade to others. just let me trade with myself easier.
  6. Cant Submit Ticket

    still isnt working.
  7. Cant Submit Ticket

  8. Cant Submit Ticket

    Ive done an evergale since. the repurchase tab is empty.
  9. Cant Submit Ticket

    I accidently vendored one of my items and want it restored. Everytime I click the submit a ticket button it takes me back to my account overview. can you fix this @Cyan
  10. Weaving Melee DPS this Patch 6.2

    as an Assassin it is definitely still mandatory.